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Precision Sails is proud to partner with incredible sailors traversing exotic corners of the world as they share their tales of travel and adventure.  These amazing sailors are a true inspiration to cruisers and racers alike.  They have helped many people discover the freedom of sailing, given confidence in doing Do It Yourself boat projects, and allow us to dream of a time when we can untie the lines and push off the dock for our own adventures one day.

Get Inspired to Set Sail

Adventure Adrift

Kindred spirits Hillary and Ty came together in 2012 and by 2015 began sailing the world in their 36.5 foot 1982 Pearson 367 “Varuna”. Their goal was to study the whole of their destinations: culture, food, people and they bring their exploits to you through blogs and vlogs. Precision Sails is proud to be supporting these sailors!

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Adventureman Dan

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Daniel, also known as Adventureman Dan. Daniel is an adventurer at heart, and since 2014 he has been exploring the world in every way possible. He has travelled by plane, train, bus, foot, bike, RV, backpacker minivan, and now he’s sailing around the world on his customized 1984 Beneteau Idylle 37, “Adventureborne.”

At Precision Sails, we’re thrilled to have Daniel join our crew of exceptional partner sailors, and we’re fully committed to supporting him in his relentless pursuit of adventure!

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Big Easy Sailing

Big Easy Sailing transports you into the world of Shawn and Jessie, Mojo their sweet little sea pup. New to living on a sailboat, they are learning the thrill and annoyance of becoming full time live aboard sailors.

Follow along as they tackle the issues that come with living about a sailboat, and as they launch their latest season of sailing videos!

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Breaking Waves Sailing

Precision Sails is excited to partner with Ben and Alie of Breaking Waves Sailing! This young dynamic couple, along with their sea pup Bruce, have documented their adventures sailing the coastal waters of British Columbia and down the Pacific coast to the warmer water of Mexico. These two are always up for adventure and the promise of great surfing waves.

Join Ben and Alie and be a part of their journey as they seek out adventure and embrace the unknown!

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Calico Skies Sailing

Grace and Bill left their cooperate lives in Manhattan to pursue their dream of sailing and seeing the world. In the fall of 2017 they left their jobs and sailed away in Calico Skies, a 1985 Sabre 36ft sailboat.

Since then they have sailed more than 25,000 miles, and have no plans to end their adventure. Precision Sails is excited to partner with Calico Skies as then continue to travel the world!

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Cruisers Academy

Brady Trautman and Alex Blue founded Cruisers Academy, a sailing school based in Lake Tahoe, California offering 4 day theory and hands-on sailing experience aboard one of their Catalina 22′ boats.

Having spent years sailing, these two adventure enthusiasts are ready to share their vast knowledge of sailing theory with the world and Precision Sails is excited to be a part of their mission!

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Harbors Unknown

Precision Sails is excited to introduce our partner, Harbors Unknown, the story of two passionate dreamers, Kristin and Fabio Potenti, and their adorable French Bulldog, Yoda.

We at Precision Sails are proud to partner with Harbors Unknown, as they embark on this incredible journey, and we look forward to following along as they explore the world, one harbor at a time.

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How 2 Sailing

Chris grew up in the Pacific Northwest sailing the Columbia river and along the West Coast. He moved to the Florida Keys where he worked for two years on a seventy foot catamaran obtaining his captain’s license. Since then he has sailed all throughout the Florida Keys and Bahamas, crossed the Atlantic 6 times, sailed to Puerto Rico, and will be spending the next ten years exploring the lesser Antilles and then on to the Mediterranean.

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Jessica and Ryan Adventures

Jessica and Ryan began with a love of travel and converted that into a love of sailing. They started at the beginning, learning the basics of sailing and how to handle their boat. Now they are seasoned sailors finding new opportunities and destinations to explore.

You can watch them adjust to life at sea and share their adventures; follow them through Facebook, YouTube and their blogs.

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Lauren Landers

Lauren has always felt most at home on the waters of the Bahamas, and left her home in ‘landlocked’ Missouri to pursue her passions. After discovering her love of sailing and mono hauls, Lauren purchased Soul de La Mar and hasn’t looked back.
Precision Sails is exited to partner with this marine loving, free diving, spear fishing sailor as she shares her love of the ocean and solo sails with her kitten, Mako!

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Learning the Lines

Precision Sails is excited to announce our partnership with Jordan and Randi the creators of Learning the Lines. This crew has done a wonderful job over the couple years producing fun and educational videos about their sailing lives and we could not be prouder to say that they have partnered with Precision Sails. It is our hope that we will be able to help them both achieve making their dreams a reality. Perhaps we might even learn a thing or two along the way.

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Life in a Nutshell

Life in A Nutshell chronicles the sailing experiences of an adventurer and an artist as they decide to leave the tropical islands of North Queensland, Australia behind and explore the world at their own pace.

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MJ Sailing

Precision Sails is pleased to announce that Matt and Jessica of MJ Sailing have joined the ranks of those sailing with Precision Sails. MJ Sailing is a wonderful channel which focuses on going through the trials and joys that come with leaving day-to-day life behind, living the cruising lifestyle, and experiencing the world. We look forward to watching as our sails take them wherever the wind blows.

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Onboard Lifestyle – SV Basik

Join this family of four as they sail SV Basik and set off from Seattle to explore our beautiful planet aboard their custom 435 Catamaran.

Precision Sails is excited to partner with the Goben family as they work through the process of DYI boat projects and exploring the world “port by port’!

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Parlay Revival

After the combination of hurricane Maria followed closely by hurricane Irma in September 2017, both classed as category 5, an enterprising man named Colin saw potential in a 2012 Lagoon 450 catamaran. He and his friend spent four months making repairs before venturing onto the Caribbean. Their adventure continues with repairs, maintenance, friendships, and life aboard a catamaran as they endeavor to circumnavigate the world.

Precision Sails is excited to join Colin and his crew as they explore, live, and document their adventures on SV Parlay!

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Project Atticus

Jordan, a film production student from San Diego State University, and Desiree, a Silicon Valley alum, met while crewing a private yacht. They bought a fixer-upper 1963 Allied Seawind and learned how to refit and remodel her, now renamed the Atticus. After 3 years of work the couple sailed, exploring different cultures, and places.

They recently upgraded their vessel to Atticus 2, and added their smallest sailor to the crew, their baby daughter Isabella!

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Ryan and Sophie Sailing

An encounter with a Canadian goose left Ryan unable to complete his goals of physical endurance, so the couple turned to circumnavigate and so their sailing story began!

Know to embrace challenges, and push the limits of what they can accomplish, Ryan and Sophie incorporate their love for adventure and humorous approach to life into their videos as they document their sailing experiences.

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Sail Away

Eric and Loren, their son Rivers and boat dog Zeke have been sailing since 2017. They have learned the ins and outs of sailing and we are happy to announce that they are sailing with Precision Sails. This family has gone to some amazing places and we look forward to watching wherever their adventures take them.

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Sailing Catalpa

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing family behind Sailing Catalpa! Precision Sails is proud to support their sailing adventures as they explore the world’s seas. Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, this family of four courageously sold all their belongings to live their dream of sailing the world in 2016. We at Precision Sails are proud to support Sailing Catalpa’s journey and are excited to follow along as they continue to explore the world’s oceans.

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Sailing Dauntless

Ty, Kim, Sydney and Madison changed their lives when they left behind running a food truck to pursue traveling together to explore this amazing world. They traded in the food truck for a Lagoon 450F catamaran and haven’t looked back! The next step for this family is to take their next adventure, a salvage Leopard 50 even further!

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sailing fair isle couple

Sailing Fair Isle

Steve and Judy came from a history of documentary film making and wanted to bring their passion and level of expertise to the sailing world.

Sailing Fair Isle strives to do more than just show the world their sailing adventures. They aspire to document their travels maintaining the professionalism they achieved creating while working as documentary filmmakers.

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Sailing Good, Bad, And Ugly

“We are a couple of lovesick schmucks just trying to make it in this world! We bought our sailboat and refitted it for us to live on while working our jobs. A year later we moved on the boat and now started our adventure travelling. Join us to be our friends through the good, bad, and ugly.”

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Sailing Into Freedom

Since 2017, Plukky of Sailing Into Freedom has been sailing the world. Follows Plukky as he shares his dream of exploring the world and making memories along the way.

Join Plukky as he sails and explores the less traveled corners of the earth aboard SV Freedom, a 42′ Lehete Bourgois.

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Sailing Jibsea

Introducing Steph and Travis, a Canadian couple who hail from Toronto. They made a bold decision to leave behind their city lives and pursue their sailing dream on a 1990 Hunter 42 Passage, venturing out into the vast blue sea. With 18 months of careful planning, they took a leap of faith to break away from their daily routine and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Sailing Miss Lone Star

Sailing Miss Lone Star follows Aubrey and her journey of becoming a sailor; living her life on the sea and the collection of animal and human friends she had made a long the way.

Currently Aubrey is refitting SV Private Ship, a 1977 Formosa 51 Ketch. Always up for adventure and ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way, Aubrey has fully embraced the live aboard lifestyle. Follow her as she explores the world and makes memories along the way!

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Sailing One Life

Gary and Brooke decided to take a break from the mundane 8-5 office life and pursue a simpler life on the sea.

As newbies to sailing, they set sail on SV One Life, a 1983 Nautical Development Offshore 40, and are figuring it out as they go. Their journey is not about glamour or luxury, but rather about the beauty of the unknown and the adventure that comes with it.

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Sailing Ruby Rose

Nick and Terysa are fulfilling their dream of sailing and traveling the world. They have traveled to the Bahamas, France, Spain, and many other exotic places. The lives of these two have been full of adventures from the start, and they have continued to push themselves to explore new locations. Precision Sails is excited to a part of the Ruby Rose crew and help support them as they seek adventure and look forward to watching as they inspire the world.

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Sailing Satori

Meet Nick and Kelly of Sailing Satori, an American couple currently in St. Petersburg sharing their love of sailing through their company St. Pete Sailing Charters.
Their mission is to sail the world, experience life from a unique perspective and share it with anyone who jumps aboard!

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Sailing Sophisticated Lady

Captain Rick Moore, Maddy, their son Richard and Tiki, the lovable mascot and loyal guardian, sail Sophisticated Lady and have partnered with Precision Sails as they explore, experience different cultures and live life enjoying the new adventures every day brings!

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Sailing Soulianis

Precision Sails is proud to announce that Lauren and Kirk of Sailing Soulianis are sailing with Precision Sails. They are exceptional sailors and filmmakers, which makes watching their videos not only entertaining but mesmerizing. They live by the mantra “messing around in boats, doing our best to make the world a better place along the way” and they do it well.

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Sailing Ta Louco

In the summer of 2021 Benjamin and Gabrielle decided to drop everything and move onto a boat with their young son, Teo and two pups, Jenny and Pina. Later Gabrielle’s sister and her husband, Evelyn and Henrique, would join them and together this family set off to find adventure and travel the world.
“I could have bought a house and spent my whole life working hard to pay bills. I decided to buy a boat and now I live…hard to enjoy life.” Benjamin Titensor

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Sailing Uma

Dan and Kika had a dream to explore, learn, and share all that the world had to offer. In order to make this dream a reality they sold everything they had to buy a 1972 Pearson 36, and named her Uma. Together they rebuilt her from the keel up to get her ready to float again and set sail soon after. This couple haven’t looked back and are taking their YouTube followers along as they coastal cruise around the world.

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Sailing Zatara

Keith and Renne Whittaker had raised a normal suburban family in the heart of Texas, and while life was good, there was an itch they couldn’t seem to scratch. That’s when they took their kids on a sailing course and instantly decided they wanted to take the time to sail the world with their 4 children. They have had some pretty crazy adventures and we are excited to announce that Zatara will be sailing with Precision Sails! This family has a bold sense for adventure and we are proud to watch them push our sails to their limits.

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Sailing Zephyr

Natalie and James hail from Australia and decided their desk jobs weren’t the life they wanted. Together they bought SV Zephyr, a Beneteau Oceanis 43, ready to sail the world in search of adventure!

Join this dynamic couple as they explore and bring you along on their adventures!

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Sailing Zingaro

James, a self proclaimed ‘beach bum’ from Washington state, left his life in the Navy to pursue his passion of sailing and ocean conservation.
With many years of sailing and thousands of nautical miles under his belt, James in no novice on the seas! Having survived being shipwrecked at sea, he is now back on the water and ready to take on more adventures and share his passion for protecting ocean life.

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Single Handed Sailor

Dustin set off sailing with the goal to become the first double amputee to circumnavigate the world solo.

After an accident with a drunk driver left him a double amputee, Dustin made the decision to live life exploring the world and seeking adventure. But what started as a desire to set a record has evolved into a love of sailing and connection with the many people met throughout the journey.

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SV Avocet

Chris and Marissa began their sailing adventures back in 2018, along with their little black sea cat Cleo, when they purchased SV Avocet. Since then they have gone through refits, refurbishments and many sailing adventures along the beautiful coast of California. Precision Sails is thrilled to partner with them as they live their dreams!

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Sailing Delos with their family, this couple is a great exapmle of how you can sail with your children

SV Delos

SV Delos is one of the original sailing YouTube channels and began their adventures 11 years ago. Since beginning her journey in 2008, Delos has logged more than 70,000 miles.

While her crew has evolved, the mission has never changed. Join Brian, Karin and their little girl Sierra, aka baby Nugget, as they document their adventures while living on a sailboat.

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SV Millennial Falcon

The crew of Millennial Falcon, Adam and Khiara, hail from Melbourne, Australia. They are challenging the idea that prolonged world travel is only for the ultra rich and the retired. The boat they chose is SV Millennial Falcon, a 1981 Tayana 42.

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Taylor’s Travels

Taylor has been living the nomadic lifestyle since 2018. She created “Taylor’s Travels” to document her passion for various methods of travel. While living the van life she was inspired to pursue sailing and purchased a 1978 Tanzer 26 in May 2019. Sailing, driving her camper van or riding her motorcycle Taylor is always chasing the next adventure!

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The Foster Journey

Introducing the wonderful Foster Family, who have made the bold decision to leave suburban life behind and embark on an incredible adventure aboard their very own Catalina 387 sailboat, which they now proudly call home. If you’re looking for inspiration to satisfy your travel bug, then look no further than The Foster Journey, their fantastic YouTube channel which chronicles their journeys as they sail to distant seas and explore the vast unknown depths of the big blue ocean.

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The Ocean Cruisers

Precision Sails would like to introduce you to our partner, Andy, host of the Ocean Cruisers Podcast. Every two weeks, he brings in new guests, sailors who share their unique stories with the world. You’ll recognize lots of your favourite sailors and quite a few familiar faces we’ve already partnered with!

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Towards the Adventure

Precision Sails is excited to partner with this amazing couple as they begin their life aboard SV Northern Reach.
During the height of the 2020 pandemic this Toronto couple decided to give up their land based lifestyle and moved into their newly purchases Whitby 42.

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Two Get Lost

Adam and Emily were drawn to adventure and seeing the world. In early 2019 they bought SV Hot Chocolate, a Kadey Krogen 38.
No vessel is complete without a stowaway, and so Tiny Cat filled that position.
Join Emily, Adam and Tiny Cat as they sail Greece and continue to learn how to live life at sea.

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Untied – Max Campbell

Max Campbell has been sailing the world aboard SV Elixir, a 37 foot 1970 Sparkman & Stephens Swan for the past three years. Hailing from the UK, Max and friends began their trans-Atlantic crossing in the early winter of 2020 but due to the pandemic were not able to begin their crossing until February of 2021. Since then Max has sailed throughout the Caribbean and down into Panama crossing the Panama Canal in early 2022.
Join Max as he continues his circumnavigation in the Pacific, seeking out adventure and
life less ordinary.

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Precision Sails is proud to welcome Warren and Erica to our sailing family!

Over the last few years these two transitioned to onboard living and have been living by the motto, “sailing the world one nautical mile at a time” while traveling over 8,000 nautical miles!

Checkout WE Sail’s channel for some amazing locations, storytelling, and join them onn their next adventure!

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White Spot Pirates – Nike

In 2013 Nike quit her marketing job to buy an abandoned sailboat in Panama. Instead of sailing into the sunset, she had to refit her aluminum Reinke Super 10 that she called Karl for a good year before she could untie the lines. It was a steep learning curve having to dive into engine repairs, a complete rig overhaul, wood and electrical work and even dealing with some holes in the hull – all without any previous knowledge.

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YCA – Young Cruisers’ Association

The Young Cruisers’ Association, YCA, is a “tribe of salty vagabonds” coming together from around the globe to support each other in life, through the good and bad as they explore the world, savor the solitude, seek out adventure and find themselves throughout it all!

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