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How To Read Your Quote From Precision Sails

Posted by Jeremy Reaume on

How To Read Your Quote From Precision Sails

Watch Ron McInnis Break Down Your Quote

Breakdown of a sail quote

Introduction and A Brief Message

Whether you already requested a quote or are curious as to the layout and information found on our quotes this article is for you.

When you first receive your quote you will have two options to view it. You can download it as a pdf or view it in a browser. We recommend viewing it in a browser, especially when discussing the quote with a sail consultant as it is a live document and we can make any changes needed during your conversation which will be updated the next time you open the link.

Don't have a quote? You can click here to request a new quote, it only takes a few seconds and we will have it sent to you within 48hours!

Once your quote opens you will see your name, boat model, boat name, and date the quote was requested on. Please let us know if any of the information is incorrect.


Links to our Partner page and YouTube partners are located on the second page. This will take you to a series of pages dedicated to showing the awesome content that these channels produce and feature our sails in gorgeous locations!

Quote Summary

Moving down you'll find the quote summary. There are three key components on this page.

  1. Rig Specs: These are not sail measurements. These are rig specs used to calculate the approximate sail area required to build your sail.
  2. Sails Requested And Price: This is a breakdown of each type, and size of sail broken down by their cloth categories. The pricing, with the applicable discounts from any current Promotions, will be located beside each sail for easy comparison.
  3. Sail Consultant Calendar: This calendar can be used to easily book an appointment with one of the Sail Consultants at Precision Sails. Pick the best time for you from the list of available times and we will follow up ready to discuss the quote and answer any questions you have.

Thank You Letter And Price Matching

We understand that buying a sail is a big and expensive decision, but it doesn't need to be painful. Most sailors request quotes from various lofts before making a decision. That is why we have a 105% Price Match Guarantee and Sail Consultants who can help answer any questions you have.


The next page on your quote is the current promotions page. Several times throughout the sailing season we will offer different promotions. If they are available you'll find them here.

All of our quotes are offered for a limited time. The date that your quote is valid to will be indicated towards the bottom of the current promotions page.

Cloth and Sail Breakdowns

The next pages are specific to the type of sail and sailcloth you requested. Below you will find a breakdown of the headsail, mainsail, and spinnaker quote pages. All quote pages will include an image of the cloth, descriptions of who the cloth is best suited for, and breakdowns of any series quoted. Links to our cloth info page and series descriptions will be located their as well.

All sails have options you can add to customize the appearance, durability, and handling of your sail. Next to each of these items is a LEARN MORE button. Clicking on this button will take you to a description of the item, as well as photos and video resources. 

To help inform sailors of the type of sailcloth available we have put together our Cloth Information Page

Breakdown of a Head Sail Quote

A headsail quote will include various sail cloth depending on your type of sailing and boat. Information about cloth or cloth series will be located at the top of the page.

These are the options available on a headsail quote:

    Furling / Foil Details

    Custom Luff Tape For Furlers or Foils
    UV Protection Coated Dacron (white)
    Sunbrella UV Protection
    Weathermax Lightweight UV Protection
    Foam Luff or Rope Luff (For Humid Climates) padding

    Headsail Attachment Options

    Head Pennant
    Soft Vectran or Specta Tack Pennant
    Wichard Tack Hook Option

    Headsail Battens Verticle or Horizontal

    Partial battens
    Full Battens
    Batten Pocket Closure

    Identification and Visual

    Sail Numbers
    Draft Stripes
    Wool Tell Tales
    Tell Tale Windows


    Oversized Reinforced Radial Corners
    Offshore/Bluewater Reinforcement Package

    Elite Package

    Tuxedo Package

*not all options are shown on the quotes, options such as wire luff, hanks, etc are determined during your conversation with a sail consultant.

Breakdown of a Main Sail Quote

A mainsail quote will include a few different cloth options depending on the type of boat and sailing you will be doing. Descriptions of each cloth, series, and type of sailing the sail are suited for are located at the top of the page.

Below is a breakdown of the options available on mainsail quotes:


    Batten Configuration
    Batten Pocket Closure


    Sail Controls

    Flattening Reef

    Identification and Visuals

    Sail Numbers
    Draft Stripes
    Leech Tell Tales


    Oversized Reinforced Radial Corners
    Offshore/Bluewater Reinforcement Package

    Elite Package

    Tuxedo Package

Breakdown of a Spinnaker Quote

Spinnaker Quotes will include the type of spinnaker (standard, A2, S2, etc.) at the top of the page. They will also include a description of the sail and its wind angles. Spinnaker sailcloth colors and spinnaker sailcloth information is found at the bottom of the page. Read All About Spinnakers here.

Final Pages

The final pages of our quote overview the production process, brands, and benefits of choosing to purchase your sail from Precision Sails. Lots of information can be found on these pages but please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about sails, cloth, or the process.

Helpful Resources About Sails and Sailcloth

Have more questions? Here are some useful resources we have put together that might help!

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