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Adam and Khiara wanted to live a life less traveled. Their peers surrounding them were focused on getting married, acquiring a mortgage, and having children, but they were not quite ready to join them. They decided to gather up every dollar they had, purchase a boat and chase adventure.

Adam and Khiara departed from Australia in 2018 with a fistful of cash and big dreams. Much like the real Millennium Falcon, their boat needed a lot of work but she’s had solid bones with a good foundation. Adam and Khiara describe their journey so far as a “self-inflicted adventure”. They’ve been progressively refitting the boat throughout their travels with the hopes of circumnavigating the globe.

Their YouTube channel captures their perpetual optimism, persistence and uncanny ability to laugh off any calamity that may ensue. It’s been quite an adventure so far and they plan to continue sailing for as long and as far as possible!

Millenial Falcon Sailboat

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