Welcome to Expedition Drenched

Join the DRENCHED crew for an exciting sailing adventure! Captain Nate, a master scuba diver with training accreditation and a lifelong passion for all things nautical, has been exploring the depths since the age of 14. Along the way, he has been joined by like-minded adventurers, and the crew has grown in size.

On board the custom-built 75-foot steel ketch “Sylfia,” the DRENCHED crew is no stranger to large boats. They are currently preparing to embark on a journey along the Australian coast, visiting remote islands along the way. Follow their wild escapades on their YouTube channel.

Expedition Drenched is proud to partner with Precision Sails, and we are excited to have such an adventure-loving crew on our partner list. Keep up the great work and adventurous spirit, DRENCHED crew!

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