Welcome to Sailing Miss Lone Star

In 2015 Aubrey began her journey some where on the big blue. Her adventure began on a 33 foot power boat with her two kids, Bianca and Blake. However, she soon became aware of the limitations of travel in a power vessel and upgraded her plan to that of the sailboat variety.

While there have been numerous setbacks and hurtles to overcome, Aubrey has tackled them all with determination and success. Her drive and tenacity to maintain the life she envisioned of living on the water are inspiring. In 2016, supported by Rick More of Sophisticated Lady, Aubrey received her captain’s license and her dream of sailing became a reality.

Today Aubrey is working on SV Private Ship, a 1977 Formosa 51 Ketch. Together with her support team of people and animals, they are restoring it to her former glory. As Aubrey says, “lots of people have advised me that [things are impossible], what I have come to know is that some people just confuse the difference between impossible and difficult.” Precision Sails is excited to partner with Aubrey as she overcomes the impossible and share her adventures with her feathered, furry and human crew.

Aubrey Sailing Miss Lonestar

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