Welcome to Sailing Uma

Precision Sails is pleased to support of Sailing Uma. Dan and Kika met in architecture school and founded their own successful design firm. However, soon after graduation, they realized, “we both dreamed a bigger world existed than the one we grew up in, and longed to see it for ourselves”. Realizing they didn’t want to start their life in someone else’s path, they made the decision to write their own story and not “buy a couch”, meaning stepping away from the materialistic lifestyle. They bought a 1972 Pearson 36, rebuilt her from the keel up and named her Uma. This was the beginning of their dream of sailing the world, experiencing what it has to offer while giving back as much as they can.

With a focus on global and environmental impact, these two have tackled and overcome challenges and obstacles. In 2018 Kika took part in organizing and participating in the Haiti Sailing cup. While refitting their boat, they converted it to an all electric sailboat by building their own motor. The passion and drive these two have for the lifestyle they have chosen is echoed in the ways they give back to the global community. Precision Sails is watching in awe as these two change the world.


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