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Lauren’s dream of sailing the world and living a sustainable life began in the Bahamas, a place close to her heart.  Her childhood summers were spent boating with her grandfather and family and these encounters helped foster a deep love of the ocean and marine life. This passion lead Lauren to pursue a post secondary education with a focus on marine biology. She chose to leave her home base in Missouri to return to her the ocean, settling in Fort Lauderdale while attending college.

It was during this time that Lauren discovered her love of working with and on boats, soon obtaining her Captain’s license, and fostering her passion for free diving.

After college, Lauren took a leap into the sailing world when she joined friends for a year sailing the Bahamas. Although Lauren had boated since childhood, the art of sailing was new to her. With great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Lauren was soon comfortable and confident on a sailboat and she was able to fulfill her long time dream of owning her own sailboat, SV Soul de La Mar,  a 1993 Benateau Oceanis 510.

Currently Lauren continues to sail the Bahamas, offering charters aboard her boat as well as  ‘long term stay opportunities’.


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