Welcome to Sailing Catalpa

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing family behind Sailing Catalpa! Precision Sails is proud to support their sailing adventures as they explore the world’s seas. Originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, this family of four courageously sold all their belongings to live their dream of sailing the world in 2016. They may not have many possessions, but they live their lives to the fullest while sailing full-time in Southeast Asia.

Through their weekly videos, Sailing Catalpa shares their adventures, both good and bad, as well as the ups and downs of living on their Pearson 530 as a family. Their hope is that their experiences will make you smile and inspire you to pursue your wildest dreams. As a company, we at Precision Sails are proud to support Sailing Catalpa’s journey and are excited to follow along as they continue to explore the world’s oceans.

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