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The story of Emily and Adam begins as a classic loves story, however this couple decided to leave the white picket fence behind for adventure and discovery. Together they have traveled the world, experienced culture and countrysides.

In March of 2019 they decided to try life at sea and purchased SV Hot Chocolate. Their goal was to circumnavigate the world, but first they had to learn how to sail. It wasn’t long before they were adopted by a little calico cat, Tiny Cat, and the trio haven’t looked back. In the summer of 2022, Adam and Emily took on their next adventure, buying and refurbishing a catamaran.

Emily has a gift for writing and uses her talent to create vivid, and beautifully written blogs. She has expertly categorized their travels, adventures and lived experiences for readers to learn from and experience, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the world of sailing and discovery.

Precision Sails is excited to partner with Adam and Emily and they develop and hone their skills as expert sailors, documenting and sharing their travels along the way.


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