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Sails are the main propulsion force for sailboats. Unfortunately, most sailors don’t replace their sails often enough. This can lead to the assumption that purchasing new sails can be overwhelming and confusing. Precision Sails takes a new approach to the sailing industry by helping you choose what sails and sailcloth is best for you, your sailboat, the type of sailing you want to do, and the area in which you are sailing. We offer industry-leading transparency into what sailcloth is available worldwide and the importance of sail design to your sail’s performance and lifespan.

Our website is filled with educational resources related to cloth, design, and technical sailing knowledge. Our team of sail consultants is always available to walk you through the options and help you choose the sail that is right for you.

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Perfect Sails Start With a Perfect Design

In order for a sail to fit and perform it needs to be designed properly. While other lofts are contracting sail designs to third-party design services, Precision Sails is building its in-house design team in Victoria BC, Canada, to work directly with sailors to ensure your new sail fits perfectly and performs the way that you want it to. Using the most modern 3D sail design software our design team will customize a sail that not only fits your rig as she sits in the water today but ensure that your sail fits and performs for years to come.

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100% Fit and Performance Guarantee

Buying a new sail is a big investment. Precision Sails offers its 100% Guarantee so all our sailors have the confidence that Precision Sails has your back. Accidents are rare, but they can happen. If your sail does not fit or perform to your satisfaction your sail will be redesigned and rebuilt. As experts in our craft and with the confidence we have from supporting thousands of sailors worldwide, our team is proud to boast the widest covering sail warranty in the industry.

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Leading the Industry in Sailcloth Options

Sailcloth manufacturers offer many different types of sailcloth in multiple different quality levels. There is always sailcloth available that will meet your sailing needs as well as your budget. Precision Sails offers all sailors full transparency into what sailcloth is offered and from which manufacture. Our team is here to help select which cloth is best suited for your sailing needs.

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Our Partners

Precision Sails is proud to partner with these amazing sailors documenting their adventures. These sailors inspire new sailors and weekend warriors alike to learn how to sail, sail more often, and sail further than ever before. If you are looking for some inspiration to cut the lines and sail away make sure to help us support these creators by watching their episodes.

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Precision Sails Rig Spec

Find your Sail

Your perfect sail is out there and Precision Sails is ready to make it for you. Request a quote for a sail and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Types of Sails

Precision Sail Loft specializes in producing headsails, mainsails, spinnakers, gennakers, and code zeros. So no matter the type of sail you’re looking for, we can help. Our sails are trusted by cruisers and racers alike from around the globe. Review the sail options and craftsmanship available to customize your dream sail.

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Build & Process

Every sail we craft is produced to the highest standards with the best hardware, craftsmanship, and skill-set in the industry. Pair that with Precision Sails’ approach to communication and your sailboat will be ready to set sail before you know it.

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What are Sailors Saying About Precision Sails

Precision Sails thrives on communication. At each step from design to delivery, we encourage you to collaborate one-on-one with our expert sail consultants in finding the perfect sail to suit your needs. Don’t just hear it from us. Check out some reviews posted on third-party review sites by our sailors!