Welcome to Project Atticus

Jordan and Desiree met while crewing a private yacht. As their romance developed, so did their dream of owning a sailboat. They bought a fixer-upper 1963 Allied Seawind, Atticus, and learned how to refit and remodel her. They continued the upgrades as they sailed around the world exploring different cultures.

After three years of “putting their love, money, and sweat” into Atticus, Jordan and Desiree ran into some bulkhead issues and came to the difficult decision to upgrade to a larger sailboat.

Always up for the challenge, the couple started the process of searching for their new boat and after touring various boats decided Atticus 2 would be a Pacific Seacraft 40. They also recently added a new crew member to their team, Oso, their furry little sea pup. In early 2023 they welcomed their baby girl Isabella to their family!

Follow along with Desiree and Jordan as this family of four continue to adventure and explore while navigating life on a sailboat!

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