Education & Expertise

Innovation is at the core of our offerings. At Precision Sails, we approach every single task with a focus on equipping our sailors with the best. With years of experience and a deep passion for sailmaking, our goal is to get you out on the water as quickly, safely, and reliably as we can. Here, you can learn about all the details that make up our Precision Sail Loft. From cloth options to our build and design processes, get a glimpse into the Precision Sails method of sailmaking.

Lagoon 410 Sail Design

Get the Longest Lasting Sails Possible

The difference in our sail quality comes from our design, production, and customer service expertise.

We strive to educate and provide the highest quality sails for our sailors. Our consultants know the ins and outs of all things sailing and work to get you the sails and accessories that best suit your needs. Our design team is based in-house and uses industry-leading technology to develop and model your custom sails.

Our sail designers and consultants will work one-on-one with you to create the best sail for your boat. Whether your picking sailcloth, have concerns about measurements, want to discuss sail options, or are curious about our build process, our team is eager to accommodate any request. Just ask!


Experience precision and innovation in sailcloth with our superior fabric for high-performance cruisers. Explore our collection of cloth choices that are easy to handle, furl, and store. They have excellent durability even after repeated folding.

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Types of Sails

Precision Sail Loft specializes in all types of sails. From headsails, mainsails, and spinnakers – if you can name it, we can make it. Learn about the different sail types including which cloth, details, and factors are important to consider when choosing a new sail.

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Build & Process

At Precision Sails, we consider a range of criteria when designing sailcloth and materials to ensure smooth sailing. Factors like tenacity and strength of the fibers, recovery from the stretch, durability, resistance to chafe, exposure to ultraviolet light, and flex are all considered when designing the perfect sail.

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Insights and Resources

The Precision Sails team has a wealth of knowledge on all things sailmaking. Check out our insights and resources to learn about sail maintenance, best practices that preserve the life of your sail, and even answers to questions from our sailors!

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