Welcome to Harbors Unknown

Precision Sails is excited to introduce our partner, Harbors Unknown, the story of two passionate dreamers, Kristin and Fabio Potenti, and their adorable French Bulldog, Yoda. In May 2020, they sold their home at the beginning of the pandemic and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, moving aboard their Seawind 1600 catamaran, Wanderlust, in September. As live aboard sailors, they are documenting their boat life, sharing their learnings, adventures, and mouth-watering meals cooked on board.

Their mission is to sail to Harbors Unknown, exploring the world’s diverse cultures through food, which is a universal thread that brings people together. By connecting with people and places through local cuisine, they are showing how to cook delicious dishes on a boat with limited space and resources. Their hope is to inspire people and showcase the possibility of living an alternative lifestyle that provides freedom and fulfillment.

We at Precision Sails are proud to partner with Harbors Unknown, as they embark on this incredible journey, and we look forward to following along as they explore the world, one harbor at a time.

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