Sail Innovation

The golden age of sailing is here and Precision Sails is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to advancing sail design, and raising standards for sailcloth quality, superior craftsmanship, and hardware.

Sail Design

Perfect Sails Start With Perfect Design. Our in house design team use Sail Pack, the industry leading Sail Design Software, to ensure a perfect shape and fit for your specific sailing requirements.  By maintaining a team of professional sail  designers we an provide industry leading design consultations to truly customize your sail .  Experienced sailors or new sailors all benefit from working directly with our sail design team.

The Design Process


Our cloth is top of the line. From industry-leading North American and European manufacturers like Dimension-Polyant, Bainbridge International, Contender Sailcloth and Challenge Sailcloth. With these high standards for cloth quality, we’re proud to offer a 3 Year Warranty on Dacron Sails and 2 Year Warranty on all Laminate and Membrane Sails.


Off-Shore Specifications

Solid as a rock, light as a feather. Our offshore  sails are designed to provide you with the confidence to sail into heavy winds in remote locations. Precision Sails’ Offshore specifications increase strength and durability in the areas of the  sail that tend to fail under extreme conditions without adding additional  weight aloft.  Keeping your sail strong for when you need it, but light for those beautiful calm days.


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Sail Hardware

Hardware you can trust. Our design team works closely with clients to customize the hardware used on every sail. Whether your boat has mainsail cars, standard slides, tides marine track or bolt rope, we can guide you through the best choices for your needs. By ensuring your boat is outfitted with the proper hardware, our team helps to avoid any extra potential costs.

Hardware Options

Sail Craftsmanship

Perfect right down to the last detail. From seam widths to corner patches, we go above and beyond the competition to ensure that your sail is always working well, even after many years of heavy use.

Craftsmanship Details

Sailing Resources

At Precision Sails, we’re always looking for better and greater ways to push the boundaries of sail design and construction. Check out the Precision Sails blog for the latest sailing tips, Q&As, and best practices that’ll keep your sails top-notch for years to come.

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