Welcome to Sailing Fair Isle

Judy and Steve were not always sailors, but are very familiar with working in front of and behind the cameras. They met while Judy was the Africa Correspondent for the UK’s Channel Four News and Steve was her cameraman and editor.

After raising their three daughters and continuing their work in journalism and documentary film making, Steve and Judy were ready for their next adventure. They brought SV Fair Isle, a Hans Christian 48T,  in the Netherlands in 2016, and then sailed her back to England for a refit. In May of 2019 they set off for their circumnavigation!

Judy and Steve want to bring more to their sailing channel than just videos showcasing their life at sea. Their mutual history of broadcast journalism and film making allows them to tell their story in a unique way. Together, they share life on a sailboat and their document their travels, incorporating their talents of journalism and film making.

Join Steve and Judy as they take their time to discover and explore the world and share every step along the way! And check out this video & article about their experience getting new sails from Precision.

Judy and Steve of Sailing Fair Isle

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