Precision Sails is proud to offer the largest selection of sailcloth in the industry.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior on a 16′ boat, a world explorer sailing your home around the world, or a speed demon with a desire to finish first in your club and long distance races,  we can find the cloth for you.  The correct sailcloth for your boat depends on the area that you sail in and the type of sailing you like to do. This can often make choosing a cloth difficult and overwhelming. Don’t worry, we can help. Precision Sails’ dedicated sail consultants will walk you through the process.

What sailcloth do we use?

First run sailcloth

Precision Sails only uses first run sailcloth for all of our sails.  All sailcloth is manufactured to industry standards for quality. However, when mistakes happen, or flaws are discovered in rolls, cloth manufactures will offer these “seconds” at a discounted price because of the small imperfections in the cloth.  Although this cloth may be fine for some applications, we choose to only use first run sailcloth because we believe that if we are going to spend the time designing a perfect sail, we should build it with a perfect cloth.

Welcome to the world of choice

In the sailmaking industry there are sailcloth manufacturers and sailmakers.  Precision Sails designs and builds sails using the top manufacturers of Dacron sailcloth, Nylon Spinnaker cloth, and rolled Laminate sailcloth. Even though all sailmakers have access to the same suppliers of sailcloth, many choose to only work with a limited number in order to reduce their inventory requirements. At Precision Sails we’re different. Here, you have the world of choice, and that means we can guarantee that you’ll find a cloth choice to suit your needs. Learn more about the brands we work with below.

Trusted Brands With Unparalleled Experience

At Precision Sails, we work with industry-leading brands, like Bainbridge and Contender to offer a wide variety of sailcloth options to ensure that your perfect sail is made from the right cloth. Our team understands the ins and outs and the pros and cons of each cloth we use in our loft and can help you make a decision based on your sailing requirements.

Cruising Dacron Sails

Precision Sails offers the largest selection of Crosscut and Radial Dacron sails in the industry. Whether you are sailing with the family at the summer cottage a few weekends a year or cruising around the world, there is a Dacron made precisely for your needs and within your budget.

Each sailcloth manufacturer offers several qualities of Dacron to choose from in order to fit your needs. We’ve grouped sailcloth of similar qualities from each manufacturer to help you make a well-informed decision about what’s best for you!

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Cruising Laminate Sails

Laminate cruising sails are best suited for sailors who are looking for improved performance through better sail shape, and retention of sail shape over the life of the sail. These types of sails are produced using the same methods as racing sails. However, they are built with longevity in mind using Polyesters and Taffeta to increase durability and ease of care.

Laminate sailcloth is designed to resist stretch under initial load, as well as stretch over time.

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Long Distance Cruising & Circumnavigation Sails

Long distance cruising and circumnavigation offers sailors the freedom to move their floating home to unlimited locations throughout the world. This type of sailing has unique sailcloth needs.  Even though ocean crossings have become more predictable with modern forecasting and prediction software, you still need sails that are prepared for changes and inaccurate wind and wave forecasts.

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Club Racing & Long Distance Racing Sails

Racing sails are built for speed. Precision Sails has access to the best Racing Laminate sail cloth offered in the industry. Whether you are racing against your fellow club members in “beer can” races just for fun or campaigning your boat in long distance races for bragging rights and prize money, there’s a Racing Laminate sail that will meet your expectations and your budget.

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Cruising Nylon

With a long life span and durability in mind, Cruising Nylon is designed for performance cruising with yachts and long-distance. Our Cruising Nylon’s abilities are well suited for radial sails. They have excellent tenacity and strength making it an ideal choice for those long trips or circumnavigations. With built-in UV protection and low-shrink Polyester yarns, these cloths will give you an excellent finish that you can rely upon for years to come.

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Racing and Club Racing Nylon

With Bainbridge and Contender’s range of performance fabrics, these sailcloths promote high performance, low weight, no porosity, and water resistance. Combined, this equates to excellent shape retention and flying temperament. Our series of Racing Nylons is ideal for the avid sailor who insists on a stellar performance.

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Sailing Resources

Learn more about Precision Sail Loft, including our resources on sail maintenance, and trimming techniques. You can also find our digital showroom featuring hundreds of videos of various sails made from many different cloths.

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