Inspiring Cruisers Together: Join the Precision Sails Partner Crew

Do you have a passion for the open water and a knack for captivating an audience or inspiring fellow sailors? If so, Precision Sails wants you to join our exciting partner program!

At Precision Sails, we hand-craft custom sails designed to perfectly complement your vessel, helping you navigate the seas with confidence and efficiency. We believe in inspiring cruisers everywhere to chase their nautical dreams, and we’re looking for talented individuals to help us spread the word.

Sailing School Partners

Every sailor has to start somewhere and there is always room to refine your sailing knowledge. Precision Sails is excited to be partnered with these reliable and trusted sailing schools that are passionate about helping sailors learn!

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Youtube and Content Creators

Just like countless sailors inspired by epic YouTube channels, the crew at Precision Sails is passionate about helping fellow adventurers conquer the waves. We’re excited to partner with amazing sailors like these!

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Marine Industry Partners

All sailors will require help at some point, whether it’s needing a quick fix on a ripped sail or time to update their gear. Precision Sails is driven by excellent customer service and we’re proud to share that quality with amazing businesses like these!

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Sailing Charter Partners

Charters play an important role in the sailing industry, from inspiring new sailors to get started or allow seasoned sailors to have a familiar get-away while on vacation. The crew at Precision Sails is glad to be working with sailing charters that share similar values within the sailing industry!

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Our Team

Meet our team of sail makers and learn about our love for sailing and designing perfect sails.

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Read about our legacy and what it means to work with Precision Sails on your perfect-fit sail.

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this infographic describes the characteristics of how Precision sails works as a brand and compares that to other competition

Why Choose Precision Sails? What Sets Us Apart From Other Lofts?

First off, Precision Sails’ standard for quality requires all of our sails and custom products to go through an intensive quality control check in both design and production stages to ensure your sail is exactly as designed. If there is an issue, we do not recut sails. We remake sails to ensure we do not miss any critical details. The levels of communication between customers and Precision Sails is what sets us apart from the competition. The Customer portal is one of the tools we use to communicate with. We are your worldwide local sail loft, only a phone call away.

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Have You Checked Your Sails Lately?

Doing a quick visual inspection of your sails a few times each season is an important part of prolonging the lifespan of your sail. Catching tears, worn dacron, or broken threading early means you can apply a quick repair and keep sailing. But larger issues mean replacement sails, or costly repair work down the line. Get started today by requesting a quote and reviewing your options.

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