Types of Sails

Precision Sail Loft specializes in producing headsails, mainsails, spinnakers, gennakers, and code zeros. So no matter the type of sail you’re looking for, we can help. Our sails are trusted by cruisers and racers alike from around the globe.


It’s sailing season and you’ve come to the right place.

Learn about the different types of sails we make

Precision is at the core of all our sail types from mizzens to genoas. We custom design and produce mainsails and headsails that come complete with everything you need to set sail.

Made from name-brand cloth and hardware from internationally trusted suppliers like Bainbridge International, Dimension Polyant, and Challenge Sailcloth, our sails are easy to handle, stable, and will last you a long time regardless of the type of sailing you do.

With Precision Sails, you can customize your own sail to match your boat model, sailing uses, and even style preferences. Our design team can walk you through the pros and cons of different options and work with you to find the perfect set of customizations that’ll have you out sailing in no time. Browse through our different sail types below.


You need a mainsail designed to give you the greatest mileage out of your vessel. Precision Sails’ custom designed mainsails come with all the standard options needed to get sailing right away, and custom options to optimize handling, performance, and shape.

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Jibs, genoas, yankee cut, staysails, or working jibs, we do it all. No matter what headsail you need for you sailboat, Precision Sails’ team of sail designers will work with you to ensure your new head sail fits and performs for you. Our headsails come complete with all standard options required for the best performance and durability. Learn more about our available headsail options and customization here.

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Downwind and Light Wind Sails

Sail downwind easily with your choice of our downwind and light wind sail options. We custom design and tailor every sail for your needs. Explore our symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnakers and code zeros, including what options are available for each.

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Sailing Resources

Read more about the Precision Sails approach to sailcloth and materials. Explore additional useful resources, browse topics, and see what’s going on at our loft. 

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