Welcome to Sailing Doodles

Bobby White of Sailing Doodles is a good friend of Precision Sails. Currently he no longer has a sailboat, and has joined… the dark side, meaning he is now a motor vessel captain. But he plans to get a catamaran in the next couple of years to sail across the pacific.

Today, you can find him exploring tropical destinations with his beautiful crew mates.

Bobby was a commercial pilot but came upon a condition which prevented him from continuing in this career path. Being at a crossroads in his life, Bobby found this to be a great opportunity to try out something new. He decided to get a boat and set sail with his two dogs. Maverick and Goose, two Labradoodles. Hence the name, Sailing Doodles.

Bobby’s Vlog follows their journey as they travel the world, showcasing beautiful and exotic destinations all while having a good laugh. We are proud to say that Sailing Doodles is one of the many out there sailing with Precision Sails, and we look forward to seeing what new adventures come their way.


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