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David and Mary were living their corporate life in Texas but wanted more for their young family. In February of 2021 they bought SV Epic, a Lagoon 450, with plans to sail the world and show their young children a life of adventure. However, these dreams were quickly put on hold when they discovered that Epic’s bulkheads were broken requiring thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, David chose to tackle the restoration operation himself. With the assistance of Sailing Parlay Revival, who also overcame their own bulkhead repairs, David has successfully repaired and rebuilt his boat in Panama. In the summer of 2022 Mary and David sailed Epic back to her home base in Texas.

David brings his humor and energy to all his adventures, making every task an experience! Precision Sails is excited to join David and his family as they get SV Epic ready for sailing the world!

David Shih family on sailboat

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