Darryl Hodgson


Darryl has been supporting sailors worldwide for over a decade, as a dedicated Coast Guard, a passionate sailor, and now the CEO of Precision Sail Loft.

Ron McInnis

Managing Director

Ron grew up sailing Hobie Cats in Ontario, windsurfing in B.C., and joined the Precision Sails team in 2015. As a powerhouse of ideas, Ron is always happy to share detailed insight into sailing resources.


James Brown

Sail Consultant | Sales

James has worked in the Marine industry for the last 10 years and enjoys exploring hidden coves along BC’s coast, sharing stories with customers, and helping them choose a sail that best fits their needs.


Gary Boylan

Sail Consultant | Sales

Gary moved to Vancouver Island from Alberta 15 years ago to be by the beautiful waters of the Gulf Islands. An avid outdoors and ocean fan, Gary takes advantage of the beautiful hiking trails and any chance he can get to be on the water.

Andreas Zobolas

Director of Design

Andreas grew up sailing, fishing, and attending culinary school in Greece. He then studied graphic design in Chicago, and now oversees the smooth sailing of the design department at Precision Sails.

Jeremy Roszmann

Design Team Manager

For Jeremy, sail design is the perfect amalgamation of solving puzzles and balancing nuanced aerodynamics. When not immersed in sail design theory textbooks, he can be found singing opera and appreciating quality scotch.

Zach Springer

Lead Sail Designer

An expert in quality with an eye for details, Zach grew up in a landlocked part of Canada and found his love for sailing in the lakes of Saskatchewan and Alberta before relocating to Vancouver Island.

Louis Dillon

Sail Designer

Louis caught the sailing bug early on by navigating the Gulf Islands with the family boat. On dry land, you can find him exploring by bike, baking his way through a bread cookbook, or on stage appearing in the occasional opera.


Paul August

Sail Designer

Marc is an expert at sail measurements. Taking measurements is easy when you work with Marc!

Marc Pettigrew

Measurements Specialist

Marc has over 40 years of experience in the marine industry. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, he developed an early interest in sailing, and lived aboard his Trojan 42 TOBA with his wife Pam for seven years in the Gulf Islands. Today, Marc remains an active racer, crewing on boats at local club events, and is always available for a “boats” chat. Feel free to contact him!

Sandra Pettinger

Office Manager | Payments

A lifelong Sidney resident and a dedicated Office Manager at Precision Sails, Sandra is passionate about her community where she grew up fishing with her dad in the waters of the Saanich inlet and Sansum narrows.

Tony Bruce

Customer Success Manager

Tony grew up in Brockville Ontario “Home of the Thousand Islands” and moved to Victoria 25 years ago. With 15 years experience in the logistics business, Tony is your go-to for all things shipping and warranty related.

Trevor Parks

Production Team | Loft Supervisor

Trevor’s in charge of organising production, and keeps the loft running smoothly. When he’s not busy helping sailors, he can be found camping in the beautiful wilderness around the south island.

Gillian Hodgson

Production Team | Loft Supervisor

A Registered Nurse for the past 15 years, Gillian enjoys working with young families as much as she loves being out on the West Coast waters. Today she is excited to be part of Precision Sails as liaison between the sail lofts and our team.

Jeremy Reaume

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jeremy grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and spent many hours on the water cruising the coast and up rivers into remote villages. An expert content and media developer, Jeremy is also an avid explorer on the lookout for his next adventure.


Travis Barker

Content Developer | Marketing Specialist

Travis grew up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, working in the automotive industry. With a passion of photography and content creation, a transition to the marine industry felt natural after moving to Vancouver Island.

Nathan Groenewold

Software Developer

Nathan is a proud Albertan with a lifelong love for the water. He’s an adventurer at heart and has spent countless hours sailing, surfing, and kayaking on the lakes, rivers, and oceans of his home province. When Nathan isn’t behind a computer, you’ll find him outside playing rugby with friends or exploring the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. His dedication to his work and adventurous spirit make him a valuable member of the sailing company’s team.

Andrew McMillan

Software Developer

Raised in the stunning Okanagan Valley, Andrew’s love for technology and the boundless opportunities it presents has fueled his passion for software development. When not programming, Andrew enjoys sailing and experiencing the exhilarating rush of the wind against his face out on the water. He finds solace and inspiration in the sea, whether he’s discovering secluded coves or simply basking in the sun.

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