Welcome to Spear It Animal

Allow us to introduce you to our amazing partners, Raff and Sascha, also known as Spear It Animal! These two incredible sailors met in the middle of the Bahamas and have been inseparable ever since. They spent their time buddy boating around the Caribbean for 8 months, living the dream life. And if you guessed that they do a lot of spear fishing – you’re right!

Sascha and Raff took on the challenge of repairing a leaky sailboat, 50’Beneteau Cyclades. After much blood, sweat and tears, they transformed their project boat into their dream boat with plans to circumnavigate the world!

We at Precision Sails are thrilled to support Raff and Sascha in their journey towards their dreams and their passion, resilience, and determination will inspire sailors around the world.

Follow along with their adventure and witness the magic they create along the way!

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