Welcome to Life in a Nutshell

Life in a Nutshell chronicles the lives of two sailors.  Magnus Eriksson, self proclaimed adventurer, whose motto in life is to “Just Do it”. He thinks that there is only a limited amount of time to do the things you want to do, so you should go out and do it! Sailing is in Magnus’s blood, it has been his dream to circumnavigate the globe. He’s been around the block and seen a large bit of the world, but now he wants to experience it aboard his vessel.

The second component of the Nutshell crew is Wendy Eriksson, a creative artist and painter who has a very positive outlook to life and traveling. She is excited to see the world and live in different cultures and eat different foods. She loves to cook! One thing she lives by, is to say yes. Unless there is a good reason to no, you should say yes. It opens the door to many different experiences and leads to an extraordinary life!

These two left the islands of North Queensland and started to explore slowly. After their kids left the nest, Magnus and Wendy left for the UK. They purchased a 70’ Narrowboat and cruised along the English waterways. Then they sold the Narrowboat and bought a 43’ Hans Christian Ketch.

Precision Sails is excited to partner with Magnus and Wendy as they sail back slowly to Australia

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