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During the summer of 2020 Talia and Michel, who live in Toronto Canada, decided to make a life altering decision to move out of their home, sell almost everything they owned and move aboard SV Northern Reach, a 1983 Whitby 42 Ketch.

After a much anticipated major life change fell through, Talia and Michel decided to make a different life change and move into a boat. Trying to balance their lifestyle of weekends and summers on the water with work, the couple looked forward to the slower paced lifestyle of being on the water. They decided to trade in their life on land for living on their boat.

Join Talia and Michel as they navigate the challenges and joys of life on a boat, from enduring Canada’s colder winters to finding the beauty of being closer to nature. Towards the Adventure continues to share their story of living on SV Northern Reach and following their dreams, wherever the wind takes them.


Towards The Adventure

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