One Design & Class Legal Sails

Precision Sails approaches One Design sails differently than many other sail lofts. Each One Design sail is custom-designed to ensure that all One Design rules have been followed while maximizing the performance for the area that you are racing in. It’s not unusual for our sailors to have several sails produced with slightly different sail shapes in order to compete in different wind conditions. Refer to your One Design Association website for class rules and specs.

One Design vs Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) Racing

One Design Racing

One Design sails are designed to fit One Design boats. Most One Design class boats have an association that publishes the specifications of the sails including maximum size, batten configuration, materials, and identification. However, they do not indicate the type of attachments used to attach the sail to the boat, any reductions needed to accommodate swivels, or modifications to tack attachments and out-hauls. Sails for One Design boats are custom designed at Precision Sails.  The design team ensure the design meets all requirements of the One Design rules, while taking into account where you are racing, the experience of the racer, and the most common wind conditions while racing.


Performance Racing Handicap Fleet (PHRF) and Class Racing

Class-legal boats race each other without any handicap calculations in both setups. However, in the One Design method the boats are virtually identical except in detail, while the Handicap Formula method allows boats to differ much more in design while keeping a few important specifications the same. As a result, the identifier “One Design” has been used more and more exclusively to denote a class that races only identical boats.


All One Design Models

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