Welcome to Adventureman Dan

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Daniel, also known as Adventureman Dan. Daniel is an adventurer at heart, and since 2014 he has been exploring the world in every way possible. He has travelled by plane, train, bus, foot, bike, RV, backpacker minivan, and now he’s sailing around the world on his customized 1984 Beneteau Idylle 1150, “Adventureborne.”

With Daniel, you’ll embark on an exciting journey that will take you around the world and under the ocean. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, Adventureman Dan, to experience a wide range of thrilling activities like spearfishing, cliff diving, free climbing, sailing, free-diving, surfing, kite boarding, paddle boarding, and much more.

We’re thrilled to have Daniel join our crew of exceptional partner sailors, and join him in his relentless pursuit of adventure!

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