Welcome to Onboard Lifestyle – SV Basik

Join the Goben family as they undertake finishing the refitting of their custom 435 Catamaran SV Basik and start sailing away from the dock! Teal and Linh, their daughter Emma, and Compass, their boat pup,  record their progress and ventures through their YouTube channel Onboard Lifestyle.

If you have ever tried refitting a craft, you know it is full of pitfalls, education and fun. That is how Teal Goben and his wife Linh are spending their time. Along for the ride is their daughter Emma who has adapted to this non-traditional family experience with excitement. Not to be left out is the “guard dog” Compass, their Yorkshire Terrier.

Follow along as they cut the lines and sail away on a new adventure. If you are considering undertaking a similar venture, you may pick up some tips and tricks from a family who seems to thrive on the experience.


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