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After selling everything they owned, Ben and Ashley saved up for years to be able to take their dream journey a reality. Precision Sails is proud to announce that Nahoa will be sailing to the exotic corners of the world using Precision Sails and we are looking forward to watching as they strive to be bold and defy the norm.

Ben and Ashley live by the moto “Life is short. Live it to the fullest.”

After they endured the painful experience loosing Ashley’s father to cancer so close to his retirement, they came to the realization that nobody knows how much time they have left.

They took this message and decided to pursue their dream; to sail around the world on a Catamaran. Together, they worked hard and saved every dollar they could, and liquidated the house, cars, and winter clothes. Then their sailing journey began.

Ben and Ashley are both Canadian, their home base is in Victoria BC… the same place Precision Sails was founded and is located in. They have the great privilege of being able to share their explorations and adventure with their newest crew member, young daughter Willa!

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