Beneteau has a long rich history starting in 1884 when the founder, Benjamin Bénéteau, opened a boatyard in Croix-de-Vie on the west coast of France.

At the time, boats were called luggers, dundees, and smacks, performance was based on who got back to marina first, since they could sell their fish at the best price.

Beneteau is credited to have designed the first engine-powered fishing boat in this region. This created a snowballing effect of innovation and laid down the foundation of philosophy for Beneteau to operate from – to constantly innovate and improve.

In the early 1960’s wood ship building took a steep decline. Polyester had been used as a boat building material for a decade before, but the technology had improved enough to have the benefits be usable by the everyday boater.

The mid 1960s is when Beneteau started producing fiberglass hulled dinghies for fishermen (something no one else was doing) – This led to financial success and larger distribution opportunities. This let the business grow and led them to develop bigger and better boats.

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Today, Beneteau has production facilities in France and in the United States. They are a large and well respected boat builder, with their fair share of the worldwide sailboat market.

There most popular models include:

  • Beneteau Sense 43
  • Beneteau First 30
  • Beneteau First 345
  • Beneteau Oceanis 350
  • Beneteau Oceanis 400/411
  • Beneteau Figaro II
  • Beneteau First 40.7
  • Beneteau First 27.7
  • Beneteau Oceanis 473

If you have a need for speed, look no further because Beneteau has the boat for you. The Figaro 3  is an all out racing machine with foils. You seriously can fly this thing.

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Beneteau Models:

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