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This is a variation of the Beneteau First 35. The First 35.7, also known as the 35S7, is a relatively rare model of the First 35.

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Rig Specifications

These are the specifications provided by the designers, but even from the factory, these boats may not be identical. The reason for this is that the sail industry often contracts manufacturing to different sources in order to achieve economies of scale. What this means is – your Tartan 31 may be more unique than you initially thought.

It’s important to note that boats are also frequently customized, so if you suspect that work has been done on yours, it’s best to take your own measurements. When ordering a sail, we will advise you if using the manufacturer’s specifications is appropriate, or if we require you to complete our own measurement forms.

I: 43.67 ft / 13.31 m
J: 12.08 ft / 3.68 m
P: 44.60 ft / 13.59 m
E: 14.67 ft / 4.47 m


The Beneteau First 35.7 is celebrated for its exceptional speed and sailing performance. Its sleek hull design, deep keel, and responsive sail plan contribute to outstanding upwind and downwind capabilities, while a well-tuned rig with adjustable sail controls ensures optimal performance in diverse wind conditions. This yacht offers a balance of agility and maneuverability, making it suitable for single-handed sailing or small crews. While primarily designed for cruising comfort, it possesses the potential to be competitive in club and offshore racing, although competitiveness may depend on its handicap rating. With its robust construction, comfortable interior layout, and a reputation for solid performance, the Beneteau First 35.7 continues to be a favored choice among sailors who appreciate its versatile design and sailing prowess.

Sail Plan

The rigging of the Beneteau First 35.7 is a well-engineered and versatile setup designed for both cruising and competitive racing. Featuring a fractional rig with the forestay attaching below the masthead, it offers enhanced control over mainsail shape and mast bend, contributing to superior performance. Additionally, the presence of an adjustable backstay enables precise tuning of forestay tension, further optimizing sail shape and mast dynamics. This thoughtful rigging design makes the Beneteau First 35.7 a versatile and responsive sailing yacht, suitable for a range of sailing preferences and conditions.


The Beneteau 35.7, which is part of the renowned Beneteau First series, has a storied history that spans several decades. First introduced in the early 1990s, this sailboat series is known for its exceptional blend of performance and cruising capabilities. Over the years, various iterations of the Beneteau 35 have been crafted, each incorporating design enhancements and technological advancements to meet the evolving demands of sailors. These yachts have consistently attracted both cruising enthusiasts and competitive racers due to their sleek hull design, fractional rig, and adjustable sail controls, which enable impressive speed and responsiveness. With a commitment to quality construction and interior comfort, the Beneteau 35 models have maintained their popularity as versatile and reliable sailing vessels suitable for a range of adventures, from leisurely cruising to spirited racing on the open water.


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