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At Precision Sails, our primary goal is to design sails to fit your Beneteau First 35 S5 TM like a glove. With that said, we can do an even better job of helping you make informed decisions if we have an understanding of what makes your Beneteau First 35 S5 Tall Mast unique. We have done our research and gathered information that will not only help us, but help you learn more about your boat. This information includes: performance, primary uses, measurements, rig specifications, and the history of the First 35 S5 TM.

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The Lightwind Performance Benetau First 35 S5

Rig Specifications

These are the specifications provided by the designers, but even from the factory, these boats may not be identical. The reason for this is that the sail industry often contracts manufacturing to different sources in order to achieve economies of scale. What this means is – your Beneteau First 35 S5 TM may be more unique than you initially thought.

It’s important to note that boats are also frequently customized, so if you suspect that work has been done on yours, it’s best to take your own measurements. When ordering a sail, we will advise you if using the manufacturer’s specifications is appropriate, or if we require you to complete our own measurement forms.

I: 44.62 ft / 13.60 m

J: 11.64 ft / 3.55 m

P: 45.27 ft / 13.80 m

E: 15.09 ft / 4.60 m



Built using a lightweight construction and efficient hull design, the Beneteau 35 S5 Tall Mast is a popular version of the Beneteau 35 S5 sailboat that features a taller rig setup that enjoys going fast. Equipped with a tall mast, this version of the Beneteau 35 S5 typically has better light wind performance. Although the tall mast increases light wind performance, it’s more prone to heeling over and requires more attention and skill while sailing in stronger winds.

Design and Construction

Stability and durability were kept top of mind during the production of the Beneteau First 35 S5 TM. Built utilizing a fiberglass hull which helps keep the weight down for racing. The design features a fractional sloop rig, carbon fiber tiller, and high-aspect sail plan. Due to the taller mast and larger sail area on this version of the Beneteau 35 S5, it’s more likely to heel in heavier winds.


Production of the Beneteau First 35s5 began in 1988. The French sailboat quickly built a reputation for being a great racing-cruiser that appealed to a large crowd of sailors thanks to its blend of speed, comfort, and reliability. During the production cycle of the Beneteau 35 S5, roughly 400 units were produced, with a handful having the tall mast.


Sail Plan

The sail plan of the Beneteau First 35 S5 TM is designed to be capable in a variety of wind conditions, offering versatility and reliability to sailors. Featuring a taller mast than standard and a large sail area, this vessel is excellent in light wind performance and speed when set up correctly.


The Beneteau 35 S5 TM, also known as the Beneteau First 35 S5 TM, is a notable choice in the realm of racing-cruiser sailboats with a blend of performance and comfort. Being the tall mast version of the Beneteau 35 S5, this sailboat is more capable in light wind, creating a perfect combo for sailors that enjoy racing with the comfort of a cruiser.

Recommended Sails For Your Beneteau 35 S5 Tall Mast

We would love to help you enhance your sailing experience on your Beneteau First 35 S5 TM. That’s why we have put together a list of expertly curated sail recommendations just for you. You can find more information about each sail and what makes our sails stand out by following the links to our education page.



I (Foretriangle height)

44.62 ft / 13.60 m

J (Foretriangle base)

11.64 ft / 3.55 m

P (Maximum Mainsail luff)

45.27 ft / 13.80 m

E (Maximum Mainsail foot)

15.09 ft / 4.60 m


35.42 ft / 10.80 m

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