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Sailing at Night

As the sun sets and casts its glimmering light over the soft flow of the ocean, the moon is only just beginning to awaken. Blackness swallows you and your vessel whole, leaving close to zero visual cues behind. 

While many sailors find night sailing daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparations and procedures in place, a night passage will fill any sailor with glee and excitement.

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Factors when Choosing a Headsail LP %

Choosing the right headsail LP (Luff-Perpendicular) depends on several things. When, where, and why you are sailing, as well as your rig set-up and limitations. The most versatile LP% is 135%. Your sailing destination and conditions and rig type help decide what size of headsail LP to choose. The type of sailing, racing, or cruising sailing, also factors in when choosing a headsail LP percentage. Give Precision Sails a call and we can help you out!

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What is Sail Performance?

Ever wonder what sail performance means? It’s several different components of the overall feel of a boat. Responsiveness, comfort, wind angles, and speeds are all calculated differently by a well performing sail. Sail performance is something that everyone should be concerned with. Sail performance doesn’t just affect when you get to your destination, but how you get there.

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Rig Specification Diagram For Sailboats: Mainsail & Headsail

Learn how Precision Sails defines their Rig Spec measurements and Dimensions. This blog will help you to understand how Precision Sails labels sailboat rig specifications. If you need a replacement or new mainsail and /or headsail you will need to measure your sailboat’s rigging, sails, and rigs. One thing we tell sailors here at Precision Sails is “the effort you put into measuring really does translate into the quality of sail you get.” If quality measurements are given to designers, it allows them to create an excellent performing sail.

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Measuring for New Sails: Headsail With the Mast Down

In this blog we walk you through the process of measuring your headsail when your mast is down. Clients tell us all the time that they can’t get their measurements to us because their sailboat’s rigs are taken apart. This blog and video show you how to get the measurements for a new headsail without having your boat put together, or if it is being stored for winter. The process is made easier with a buddy so try to have one around and call us anytime, we’re here to help

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How To Get The Best Sails From Precision Sails

When you choose to work with Precision Sails, you are choosing to work with a team dedicated to making you the best sail for your boat and ensuring you experience the best possible customer service. We strive to guarantee your sails not only fit your boat perfectly but meet expectations for their intended use and longevity. The design team is based in-house and uses industry leading technology to develop and model your custom sails. Our designers will work with you one-on-one to create the best sail for you. We care about the details and are ready to accommodate any request. It’s easy to get an amazing sail from Precision Sails, the key to this lies in communication, so let’s start talking.

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Wind Specifications For Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnakers

The question of what the wind specifications for cruising asymmetrical spinnakers is a tough question. There are many different types of spinnakers, each designed to perform best in different kinds of wind. The most versatile of these is the code 2 asymmetrical spinnaker (A2), an all purpose / medium running sail. Each series of spinnaker has its different uses and when choosing a new sail there are numerous components that should be factored into the decision making process. When you team up with Precision Sails you get to work with one of our sail designers to tailor fit your spinnaker to exactly what you’re looking for.

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Do You Need a Trysail When You Have An In Mast Furling Mainsail? Ask Precision Sails.

For anyone doing an ocean crossing, serious offshore sailing, or are the type of sailor that likes to be out in any condition, we recommend having one in your sail inventory. We recommend this because most sailors only have one mainsail on board. A trysail is there to make sure that your mainsail does not take on any unnecessary damage and means you are able to confidently sail in heavier weather conditions. This blog explores the benefits of a trysail and why trysails are built to withstand more extreme conditions.

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this infographic describes the characteristics of how Precision sails works as a brand and compares that to other competition

Why Choose Precision Sails? What Sets Us Apart From Other Lofts?

First off, Precision Sails’ standard for quality requires all of our sails and custom products to go through an intensive quality control check in both design and production stages to ensure your sail is exactly as designed. If there is an issue, we do not recut sails. We remake sails to ensure we do not miss any critical details. The levels of communication between customers and Precision Sails is what sets us apart from the competition. The Customer portal is one of the tools we use to communicate with. We are your worldwide local sail loft, only a phone call away.

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Pender Island Beach Cleanup

The Precision Sails’ team cleans up Pender Island’s beaches during our staff retreat.Our team spent the day cleaning up local beaches on Pender Island, making a competition out of it. The first team to fill a few garbage bags with trash would win a prize. After breaking into three teams each headed to a different beach. The amount of trash pulled from local beaches was astonishing, and some of the items were so large they had to be broken up to haul them out. Take a look and see how much stuff we were able to pull off the beach!

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