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velcro tab leech enclosure

Leech and Foot Lines

A leech line is attached at the head of your sail and runs down to just above the clew. This line can be usually be adjusted using cleats, or Velcro tabs at the clew or intermediately at reefs. Tensioning this line reduces flutter in the trailing edge of the sail and improves sail shape.

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Spinnaker Tacker Review and unboxing

ATN Tacker Un-boxing and Review

ATN Symmetrical Spinnaker Tacker Un-Boxing The ;ATN Symmetrical Spinnaker Tacker is designed to eliminate the need for a spinnaker pole. Attached your spinnaker halyard as you normally would to the head of the spinnaker, the sheet to the clew of your spinnaker and the tack will be attached on the Tacker, which has been clipped onto your …

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showing the tides marine assemby and how it comes apart

How to Install Tides Marine Track Sliders onto your Mainsail

The Tides Marine Track and Slide System is a simple and elegant solution for difficult to raise and lower mainsails. If you are struggling with your mainsail either hoisting or lowering this system will reduce the friction of the mainsail luff track and is designed to handle today’s full or partially battened mainsails with a large roach.

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