Wind Specifications For Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnakers

Wind Specs for Asymmetrical Spinnakers.

On this episode of Ask Precision Sails, Dan Campbell on Facebook he asked us a question “What are the wind specs for an asymmetric spinnaker?”

Well that is a good question, and we’re glad you asked it.

It’s also a tough question.There are a lot of different types of spinnakers. Each has their own wind specs which they can perform best in. To see a variety of spinnakers and their wind specifications visit our in-depth blog post here. If you’re more interested in how to use a spinnaker, or topics like Rigging, Trimming, or Gybing, visit our blog here.

Let’s Start By Discussing The A2 Spinnaker.

A code 2 asymmetrical spinnaker (A2) is an All Purpose / Medium running sail. It is designed with a long luff and big, girthy mid. It is a stable spinnaker capable of sailing the deepest of angles. It is normally manufactured from light 3 / 4 ounce to medium 1.5 ounce weight spinnaker cloth to help with lower apparent wind speeds. The apparent wind angle a code 2 asymmetrical spinnaker operates in is 115 – 160 degrees. It’s operational apparent wind speed is between 8 and 20 knots.

To give you a little more context a heavy reacher (A5) or code 5 asymmetrical spinnaker operates in a 85 – 130 Apparent Wind Angle between 16 – 28 knots of apparent wind speed. This sail has a more flat shape with a more solid and straight luff. It can be used at higher wind speeds at reaching angles.

For further context, our Code 1 (A1) asymmetrical spinnaker, which is a light air sail for reaching angles, works in 60 – 105 degrees of apparent wind, at 3 – 12 knots of apparent wind speed.

Each series of spinnaker has its different uses. You really need to think about the areas you sail in and take them into account when making the decision on getting a new sail for your inventory.

These speeds are more related to the standard spinnaker cloths we offer. You can always get into higher-end cloths like the amazing Bainbridge Air X cloth, but you do have to pay a little bit extra for that. These more premium clothes offer slightly better angles and speed allowances. To view our spinnaker cloth options visit our sail cloth info page here.

Precision Sails Customization.

When you work with one of our designers here at Precision Sails, you can talk to them about the shoulders and depth of the sail to really try and nail down what you’re looking for out of a sail. If you give them some very specific details, perhaps, I want to be able to point in X degree wind angle in Y knots of wind. Or maybe, you’ve got a big long distance run that you know you’re going to do this Spring and you want to be ready for that. You know the winds usually are coming north from the north.

If you give your designer information like that, they can tailor fit the spinnaker to exactly what you’re looking for. That’s the really good part of buying a sail from Precision Sails.If you want to actually talk to the designer just pick up the phone and they’ll go through all the details with you and just tailor fit it and best as they can.

If you need or want to add a spinnaker to your sail inventory, please reach out!

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