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Sailing at Night

As the sun sets and casts its glimmering light over the soft flow of the ocean, the moon is only just beginning to awaken. Blackness swallows you and your vessel whole, leaving close to zero visual cues behind. 

While many sailors find night sailing daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparations and procedures in place, a night passage will fill any sailor with glee and excitement.

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Tips For Single Handed Sailing

Planning on going for a single handed sailing trip? Prior preparations are paramount with any single-handed sailing excursion you partake in. Nothing is more critical than preparing your vessel to suit every situation when sailing single-handed. Preparation is key, you are the one solely responsible for you and your vessel’s safety. This includes not only boat preparation but also personal, medical, and communication preparation.

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Heavy Weather Series: Sailing In Fog

Weather Series: Sailing in fog and mist.
As with all fearful weather conditions at sea developing an understanding is often the best cure for fear. So, knowing what can cause fog, where and when it’s most likely to occur and what characteristics can you expect, such as density and duration, might help you to create the best sailing strategy to overcome this potential hazard.

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Harvest Moon Regatta Victory

What started out as a fast sleigh ride down the coast from Galveston to Port Arkansas, Texas in 15-20kts winds finished with a norther blowing 35-42kts and 10-12ft seas. A blown mainsail tells the tale; this mainsail had been ridden hard over the years and has now been replaced with a new main from Precision Sails. Join Paul as he reflects on taking home 1st place in their division, 1st place in the Jeanneau fleet, and 5th overall fleet on corrected time and how his new Genoa from Precision Sails greatly contributed to his team’s winning performance!

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Pender Island Beach Cleanup

The Precision Sails’ team cleans up Pender Island’s beaches during our staff retreat.Our team spent the day cleaning up local beaches on Pender Island, making a competition out of it. The first team to fill a few garbage bags with trash would win a prize. After breaking into three teams each headed to a different beach. The amount of trash pulled from local beaches was astonishing, and some of the items were so large they had to be broken up to haul them out. Take a look and see how much stuff we were able to pull off the beach!

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Sailing 2000 Nautical Miles in the Sea of Cortez and the Bahamas

Francois Hebert works as the General Manager and head coach at the Whistler Sailing School. He recently went through the process of ordering sails from Precision Sails for his Corsair F27 R trimaran, “Trioomph”. Trioomph’s mainsail and furling jib were made using Warp Drive sailcloth from our Precision Tri-Radial Series.

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Jr Opti Sailing

Precision Sails Donates 3 Jr Opti Sails to the Sooke Sailing Association

Precision Sails believes in supporting its community and so when the opportunity to support the Sooke Sailing Association came up we jumped at the chance. We were able to donate three Opti sails to this wonderful organization, helping youth develop and advance their sailing skills. This blog provides images of the 3 Jr Opti sails donated to Sooke Sailing Association.

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