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Sailing at Night

As the sun sets and casts its glimmering light over the soft flow of the ocean, the moon is only just beginning to awaken. Blackness swallows you and your vessel whole, leaving close to zero visual cues behind. 

While many sailors find night sailing daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparations and procedures in place, a night passage will fill any sailor with glee and excitement.

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Customizing Sails with Precision Sails

Zephyr heads to the Precision Sails office to start the sail customization process. They meet with Ron Mcinnis, who introduces them to the world of sail cloth and industry trends. He explains how Precision Sails takes an educational and consultative approach to sail customization, making sure that their customers are well-informed and educated about the options available to them.

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What is Sail Performance?

Ever wonder what sail performance means? It’s several different components of the overall feel of a boat. Responsiveness, comfort, wind angles, and speeds are all calculated differently by a well performing sail. Sail performance is something that everyone should be concerned with. Sail performance doesn’t just affect when you get to your destination, but how you get there.

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Rig Specification Diagram For Sailboats: Mainsail & Headsail

Learn how Precision Sails defines their Rig Spec measurements and Dimensions. This blog will help you to understand how Precision Sails labels sailboat rig specifications. If you need a replacement or new mainsail and /or headsail you will need to measure your sailboat’s rigging, sails, and rigs. One thing we tell sailors here at Precision Sails is “the effort you put into measuring really does translate into the quality of sail you get.” If quality measurements are given to designers, it allows them to create an excellent performing sail.

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Where To Install A Preventer On The Boom

A boom preventer is a rigging system which prevents the boom’s ability to move past the cockpit when any accidental jibing or tacking action occurs. It works by restricting the range that your boom can swing. This is important to help prevent damage to your vessel, or harm to your crew. You don’t want your boom swinging back and forth from an unexpected gust of wind taking off your crew mates heads and knocking them overboard!

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Sailing Doodles Presents: What It Takes For Off-Grid Sailboat Living

Bobby White from Sailing Doodles sails around the world in their 30-year-old sailboat and has documented what living off-grid means for them and most other sailors out there! Follow along as Bobby takes you step-by-step through all the things you need if you want to live on your sailboat off-grid, covering batteries, power sources, freshwater options, navigation and communication, and more.

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How To Measure For A New Spinnaker

Matt and Jessica from MJ Sailing are going to dive into the Precision Sails Spinnaker Measurement form and show you how easy it is to measure for a new spinnaker by taking measurements for their boat, Elements of Life, a 1983 Trisalu. Watch as they go through the process of completing the spinnaker measurement form, you can find your form on our website.

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All About Spinnakers

Spinnaker sails are known to be the most colourful and exciting sail in a sailor’s toolbox. While each spinnaker serves the same purpose, are they all created equal? In this blog we discuss the differences between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnakers and how their shape is not the only difference. We provide an in depth look at the variations between standard sizes, code zeros, and the different options for each type of sail. Discover which is best for your sailboat.

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