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Types of Downwind Sails: Understanding Code Zeros, Spinnakers, Genoas, and More

This comprehensive article delves into the world of sail selection for cruisers, shedding light on the often overlooked domain of downwind sails. It begins by acknowledging the historical emphasis on racing sails within the sail-making industry, highlighting the specific needs of cruisers that require attention.

The article explores various types of downwind sails, such as code zeros, genoas, and spinnakers, offering insights into their characteristics and applications. It simplifies complex sail terminology, making it accessible to both newcomers and experienced sailors. The explanation of percentage-based sizing (LP) versus J measurement provides a clear understanding of sail dimensions.

Cruisers are guided on building a sail inventory tailored to their needs, considering factors like space, budget, and intended sailing destinations. The advantages of sail customization and collaboration with sail designers are highlighted, emphasizing the importance of sails optimized for individual preferences and conditions.

The article concludes by detailing different downwind sail options, including code zeros, genoas, cruising spinnakers, reachers, gennakers, and symmetrical spinnakers. Each sail type’s characteristics, handling, and suitability for various wind conditions are thoroughly explained, helping cruisers make informed choices.

Throughout the article, the reader is encouraged to engage with Precision Sails, a sailmaker with expertise in cruiser-specific sail solutions. The article effectively demystifies sail selection, making it a valuable resource for cruisers seeking an enhanced sailing experience.

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Precision Sails Mainsail

Can Different Types of Sailcloth Become Moldy?

Sails can get moldy, but it can be avoided. You have to make sure to try to keep it dry and avoid furling the sail when it’s wet. Taking the sail down and storing it is also an effective method when trying to combat mold. Mold and mildew show up differently in Dacron and Laminate sails and as such these sail fabrics require different techniques. This video explores the best ways to keep your Dacron and laminate sails clean and extend their longevity. […]

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What is Sail Performance?

Ever wonder what sail performance means? It’s several different components of the overall feel of a boat. Responsiveness, comfort, wind angles, and speeds are all calculated differently by a well performing sail. Sail performance is something that everyone should be concerned with. Sail performance doesn’t just affect when you get to your destination, but how you get there.

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How to Order a New Sail

How to: Order a New Sail

Ever wondered how to order a new sail? It’s as easy as picking up the phone and talking to our expert sales team. Follow this info graphic and blog post to order an amazing sail from Precision Sails. We have excellent customer service and quality of sails. We spend more time with our clients than the competition on consultation and design to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with their new sail. Give us a call at +1 888-958-5638. Whether you’re browsing for prices or need a sail immediately, we will get you the information you need within 24-48 hours.

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How To Get The Best Sails From Precision Sails

When you choose to work with Precision Sails, you are choosing to work with a team dedicated to making you the best sail for your boat and ensuring you experience the best possible customer service. We strive to guarantee your sails not only fit your boat perfectly but meet expectations for their intended use and longevity. The design team is based in-house and uses industry leading technology to develop and model your custom sails. Our designers will work with you one-on-one to create the best sail for you. We care about the details and are ready to accommodate any request. It’s easy to get an amazing sail from Precision Sails, the key to this lies in communication, so let’s start talking.

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Wind Specifications For Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnakers

The question of what the wind specifications for cruising asymmetrical spinnakers is a tough question. There are many different types of spinnakers, each designed to perform best in different kinds of wind. The most versatile of these is the code 2 asymmetrical spinnaker (A2), an all purpose / medium running sail. Each series of spinnaker has its different uses and when choosing a new sail there are numerous components that should be factored into the decision making process. When you team up with Precision Sails you get to work with one of our sail designers to tailor fit your spinnaker to exactly what you’re looking for.

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this infographic describes the characteristics of how Precision sails works as a brand and compares that to other competition

Why Choose Precision Sails? What Sets Us Apart From Other Lofts?

First off, Precision Sails’ standard for quality requires all of our sails and custom products to go through an intensive quality control check in both design and production stages to ensure your sail is exactly as designed. If there is an issue, we do not recut sails. We remake sails to ensure we do not miss any critical details. The levels of communication between customers and Precision Sails is what sets us apart from the competition. The Customer portal is one of the tools we use to communicate with. We are your worldwide local sail loft, only a phone call away.

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Harvest Moon Regatta Victory

What started out as a fast sleigh ride down the coast from Galveston to Port Arkansas, Texas in 15-20kts winds finished with a norther blowing 35-42kts and 10-12ft seas. A blown mainsail tells the tale; this mainsail had been ridden hard over the years and has now been replaced with a new main from Precision Sails. Join Paul as he reflects on taking home 1st place in their division, 1st place in the Jeanneau fleet, and 5th overall fleet on corrected time and how his new Genoa from Precision Sails greatly contributed to his team’s winning performance!

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