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All About UV Protection for Your Sailboat Sails

This informative article is a must-read for sailors looking to maintain their sailboat sails in top-notch condition. It emphasizes the significance of safeguarding sails from the detrimental effects of UV radiation, which can lead to weakening, fading, and eventual failure of sailcloth. The article covers a comprehensive range of topics related to UV protection, making it a valuable resource for sailors of all experience levels.

Readers will gain insights into different types of UV protection, with a focus on Dacron and acrylic sacrificial strips, explaining their benefits and applications. The article also addresses UV protection for spinnakers and code zeros, offering tailored solutions for these lightweight sail materials.

Moreover, sailors are guided on how to replace old UV protection, whether seeking professional assistance or attempting a DIY approach. Common mistakes, like “candy striping” and incorrect furling, are highlighted, along with the importance of using UV protection correctly to maintain sail integrity.

Intriguingly, the article explores how replacing the entire sail can sometimes be more cost-effective than just replacing UV protection. Lastly, it provides valuable tips on recognizing signs of UV damage on sailboat sails, ensuring they remain in optimal condition. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to the sport, this article equips you with essential knowledge for preserving your sail’s longevity and performance.

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Sailing at Night

As the sun sets and casts its glimmering light over the soft flow of the ocean, the moon is only just beginning to awaken. Blackness swallows you and your vessel whole, leaving close to zero visual cues behind. 

While many sailors find night sailing daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparations and procedures in place, a night passage will fill any sailor with glee and excitement.

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Measuring for New Sails: Mainsail With the Mast Down

Ever wondered how to measure for a new main while your mast and rigging is down or taken apart? Clients tell us all the time that they can’t get their measurements to us because their sailboat’s rigs are taken apart. This blog has the information on how to get the measurements for your mast sliders, backstay position, tack connections, clew slug, Max foot, halyard shackle, and your max hoist. The process is made easier with a buddy so try to have one around and call us anytime, we’re here to help.

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Heavy Weather Series: Sailing In Fog

Weather Series: Sailing in fog and mist.
As with all fearful weather conditions at sea developing an understanding is often the best cure for fear. So, knowing what can cause fog, where and when it’s most likely to occur and what characteristics can you expect, such as density and duration, might help you to create the best sailing strategy to overcome this potential hazard.

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Sailing Doodles Presents: What It Takes For Off-Grid Sailboat Living

Bobby White from Sailing Doodles sails around the world in their 30-year-old sailboat and has documented what living off-grid means for them and most other sailors out there! Follow along as Bobby takes you step-by-step through all the things you need if you want to live on your sailboat off-grid, covering batteries, power sources, freshwater options, navigation and communication, and more.

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Get Your Sailboat Ready For Spring – Checklist And Infographic

Is your sailboat ready for spring? The sailing season is almost here, but with all the joy that comes with sailing comes the monotonous task of preparing the boat for the season. Unwrapping the boat, cleaning the hull, checking the rigging… There is so much to do, and for most casual cruisers, not much time. The list and infographic below are great guides preparing for the spring sailing season. Here is a quick Spring Sailing Checklist and helpful infographic to help cut through the grime and get you back out on the water.

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