Batten Configuration For Performance Cruising

Batten Configuration For Performance Cruising

We all want to achieve peak performance from our sails and our recent question on Ask Precision Sails was regarding the best batten configuration for performance cruising.

“Full battens vs partial battens, what is the best option for overall performance?”

First of all, it is important to consider the size of your vessel and the roach that you have in your mainsail, this will ultimately determine which batten configuration will work best for you.

Typically, performance cruising and club racing vessels will use a mixture of both full and partial battens. Using at least two full battens at the top of the sail will help to hold the shape, holding up the leech and holding out the roach. This extra rigidity will strengthen the overall shape but will also help to minimize too much flogging of the sail.


Then, by using some partial battens lower down in the sail will mean that it is far easier to make adjustments with either the Cunningham or the flattener, refining and fine-tuning the shape of the lower part of the sail when trimming. An added bonus of partial battens in the lower section of the sail will also mean reefing the sails will be easier and neater, allowing for more flexibility to flake the sail below the reefed points.

So, a mixture of full and partial battens for the win!

If you are looking for a performance cruising sail or any type, feel free to request a quote and we will send you one quickly!

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