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Cruising Dacrons

Dacron (Polyester) is the cloth of choice for sailors looking for the best balance between cost, durability, weight, and shape retention (modulus). Woven polyester was given the brand name of Dacron by DuPont in the United States, but it also has several other names in other countries.

There are several manufacturers of Dacron sailcloth that Precision Sails can use to build your cruising sails. Bainbridge International Sailcloth, Mazu Sailcloth, Contender Sailcloth, Dimension Polyant, and Challenge Sailcloth all make fantastic sailcloth of varying weights and qualities that can be used depending on your application.

In order to simplify choosing the appropriate cloth for your needs, Precision Sails has grouped the cloth offerings from these sailcloth producers into the 300, 400, 500, and Tri-Radial Dacron Series. These series represent Entry Level, Mid Grade, and Highest Quality. Each series of cloth contains several options. The sailcloth that is best for you will depend on your sailing area, size of boat, how much sailing you typically do, and how long you intend to keep your boat. We offer sail consultations and can recommend which series is best suited for your needs. The actual cloth choice can be decided once you and your designer have discussed the final design of your sail.

If you are a weekend warrior, coastal cruiser, or crossing oceans in extreme weather, Dacron sailcloth is a great choice. The woven construction provides incredible durability and reliability. Many Dacron sailcloth’s are finished with UV resistant and mildew resistant treatments to allow for use in tropical areas.

The Right Dacron for the Job


Precision Sails 300 Series Designer Dacrons

High quality economical crosscut Dacron for smaller boats, lower use and lower UV areas.

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Precision Sails 400 Series Advanced Dacrons

Small to Medium boats, coastal cruising, weekends, holidays, and the occasional offshore use.

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Precision Sails 500 Series Elite Dacrons

Our highest quality cross-cut Dacron, The Precision 500 Series is suitable for heavy-use medium to large sized boats which are coastal cruising and offshore sailing.

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Precision Sails Tri-Radial Dacron Series

Our Radial Dacrons offer better sail shape and shape retention than comparable crosscut Dacrons.

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Precision Sails Colored Dacrons

The Precision Sails Colored Dacrons offers our exceptional in-house design quality with our most economical crosscut Colored Dacron options. These cloths are best suited for smaller keeled boats sailing in lower UV areas.

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300 Series Designer Dacrons

400 Series Advanced Dacrons

500 Series Elite Dacrons

Tri-Radial Dacrons

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Tightly Woven Polyester

Woven Polyester

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