Long Distance Cruising and Circumnavigation Sailcloth

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Long Distance Cruising & Circumnavigation Sails

Long distance cruising and circumnavigation offers sailors the freedom to move their floating home to unlimited locations throughout the world. This type of sailing has unique sailcloth needs.  Even though ocean crossings have become more predictable with modern forecasting and prediction software, you still need sails that are prepared for changes and inaccurate wind and wave forecasts.

Remote Locations

Sailing into remote locations can make it more difficult and cost-prohibitive for repairs or replacements to your sails. The cloths included in our Long Distance Cruising and Circumnavigation are designed specifically to hold sail shape in a wide range of wind conditions and have extremely high resistance to UV Damage in the tropics where most people sail. Each sailcloth manufacturer offers their own solution to maintaining sail shape over hours and hours of long distance cruising.  By weaving high-tech fibers into the Dacron weave, a sail’s stretch over time is significantly reduced.

Sail Shape Retention

Most long distance and circumnavigation cruisers find themselves in both high UV areas and remote areas. The fibers used to weave these types of sails and the finishing treatments applied to them are specific to these types of applications. These cloths will last much longer than traditional cruising sails without having to use high-tech sail material or construction methods. When you find yourself in a remote location and are in need of a sail repair, you will find that almost anyone with a sewing machine can repair these cloths.

SV Delos Genoa by Precision Sails

Long Distance Cruising Cloth Choices

Dimension Polyant Hydra Net Radial

Hydra Net Radial, let’s just say this is the best of the best! Extreme durability, performance and strength comes from combining the durability of a woven polyester with the best Ultra-PE Fibres and rip stop.

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Contender Sailcloth Fibercon Pro Hybrid Powered with Dyneema

This cloth is designed for performance cruising with yachts and long distance with a long life span and durability in mind. The Fibercon® Hybrid’s abilties are well suited for radial sails. It has excellent tenacity and strength

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Bainbridge Sailcloth HSXv Vectran Hybrid

Bainbridge International’s Hybrid Polyester with Vectran is a cloth built for long distance cruising. Made with Vectran® a yarn that is stronger than aluminum, it offers a balanced construction for enhanced bias strength and in both cross and radial construction.

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