Racing and Club Racing Nylon

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Club Racing
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Racing and Club Racing Nylon

Sailors looking for better performing Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnakers for club racing and long distance racing should look at these woven Nylon Spinnaker cloths. They are treated with proprietary polyurethane based coatings that increase stability while keeping weight down. They have zero porosity and high water repellency resulting in improved shape holding and flying characteristics. These performance style Nylons are offered in a wide range of offered cloth weights for increased customization by your Precision Sails’ Designer.

Racing Nylons Cloth Options

Contender Sailcloth Superlite Superkote

Contenders Superlite / Superkote is polyurethane coated nylon which promotes high performance, low weight, no porosity, and water resistance.

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Bainbridge Sailcloth AirX

Bainbirdge AIRX is a premium range of performance spinnaker fabrics that combine strength, performance and quality. Bainbridges Moto for this series of cloth is “the winners choice.”

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