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Precision Sails Ltd

Cruising Sails

1. Sail Cloth

At Precision Sails We Use Only First-Run Sail Cloth

From industry-leading North American and European manufacturers like Dimension-Polyant, Bainbridge International and Challenge Sailcloth our cloth is top of the line. With these high standards for cloth quality, we're proud to offer a 3 Year Warranty on Dacron Sails and 1 Year Warranty on all Laminate and Membrane Sails. We carry a wide range of cloths including Dacron, Laminates, Membrane, String and Fibres such as Carbon and Aramid. Here are your cloth choices for our Standard Cruising Sails:


Performance Cruise

High Modulus Challenge Dacron

A durable sail cloth best for sailors wanting the lowest priced option in sail cloth. This choice of cloth benefits those wailing on lakes or doing light in shore crusing. Although this cloth will save you money, it will not give you as much performance as our other Dacron cloths.

This High Modulus Dacron is the go to cloth for performance sailing on a budget. Featuring very tight weaves and high yarn count, this low stretch cloth is our most recommended Dacron if you want a quality performance sail and don't want any extra bells and whistles and are ok with the second best.

Contender Supercruise

Warp Drive Challenge Dacron (Radial)

The pinnacle of quality High Modulus Dacron sail cloth. Our Contender Supercruise Dacron is of the highest quality in the world. To match this high quality cloth we also include leather corners and spectra webbing. Choose this cloth if you want the highest performance and highest quality Dacron sail.

This radial Dacron cloth is perfect if you want increased performance from a better sail shape. The radial configuration helps us achieve a better sail shape than the cross cut equivalents. With large and straight warp yarns this Dacron will have you sailing past all your friends.

Advanced Cruising

Contender CDX Laminate (Radial)

Custom Axis Taffeta on Taffeta Polyester White

CDX Polyester Cruising laminates made with ZigZag yarn technology enable you to have a sail made out of radial panels that match the modern rigging of your yacht.

The yarns in ZigZag-reinforced laminates are laid at angles such that the forces in the sail are distributed evenly over the radial panels. This results in a sail with an excellent ability to retain its shape, giving you more efficient sailing in varying wind strengths, without impacting on the ease of handling of your sail. You can reef later because the sail will remain flatter in increasing winds. Your yacht will sail faster and you can point higher with less heeling.

Our ZigZag fibre layout ensures efficient support and distribution of the loads over the radial panels in your sail. The effect of this fibre layout is to reduce the load on the Mylar film which helps the sail to retain its shape longer.

To ensure a lasting sail, UV treated Polyester taffetas are on both sides of the laminate for extra protection.

Custom Axis Laminate (CAL) sails are high-quality cruising sails that are both durable and low stretch, maintaining long-lasting shape and performance. Slightly higher in cost than high-quality Dacron sails, this custom cruising laminate offers extreme value and performance for the cruising sailor.

Custom Axis Laminate Sails incorporate multi directional fiber to address the loads in a modern cruising and Club Race application. The Custom Axis Laminate places the fiber in efficient directions, customized for each sail, to maintain durable shape retention efficiently.

The sail is an asymmetric, multi axial laminated sail with crosscut panels parallel to the foot. Strung primary fibres for leech loads decrease in density towards the luff whilst secondary fibres are strung to address clew to luff loads.

This unique construction method gives Custom Axis Laminate Sails their highest strength in the load line where it is needed and eliminates the extra weight of additional fibres running in unloaded directions.

Dimension Polyant Hydra Net

Dimension Polyant Hydra Net Radial

When just Dacron isn't enough enter the ultimate in woven polyester sail cloth combining a tightly woven high tenacity fabric with a supporting grid of Dyneema. Stabilizing ripstop technology results in improved tear strength, excellent stability and durability which exceeds that of all other woven polyester fabrics.

The exclusive Hydra Net finish creates a fabric with a soft hand which retains excellent bias stability for optimized shape control. These sails are easy to handle, furl and store and have excellent durability after repeated folding making this a superior fabric for high performance offshore cruisers.

With its special weave and finish Hydra Net Radial features unsurpassed strength and longevity, exceeding the specifications of other wovens and many laminates.

Hydra Net radial is constructed with an extremely high share of Dyneema fibers in the warp direction. Hydra Net radial is an extremely tight weave achieving superior shape retention along with a soft hand. Design targets that were only possible with laminates can now be put into practice with Hydra Net radial. The is the best in the world as far as radial polyester sails go.

Our Sail Cloth Suppliers

Our  Sail Cloth Suppliers

2. Sail Hardware

3. Sail Craftsmanship

4. Sail Design

Let us know what your looking for and we'll help you to customize your sail perfectly.