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Sailing at Night

As the sun sets and casts its glimmering light over the soft flow of the ocean, the moon is only just beginning to awaken. Blackness swallows you and your vessel whole, leaving close to zero visual cues behind. 

While many sailors find night sailing daunting, it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparations and procedures in place, a night passage will fill any sailor with glee and excitement.

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What is Sail Performance?

Ever wonder what sail performance means? It’s several different components of the overall feel of a boat. Responsiveness, comfort, wind angles, and speeds are all calculated differently by a well performing sail. Sail performance is something that everyone should be concerned with. Sail performance doesn’t just affect when you get to your destination, but how you get there.

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Batten Configuration For Performance Cruising

What is the best batten configuration on a mainsail for performance cruising? First of all, it is important to consider the size of your vessel and the roach that you have in your mainsail, this will ultimately determine which batten configuration will work best for you. Typically, performance cruising and club racing vessels will use a mixture of both full and partial battens. Darryl, the owner of Precision Sails, says two full and two partial battens is the recipe for success. Sometimes having a bit of both really is the best thing.

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Getting Ready for Winter – Winterizing Your Sailboat

Getting your boat ready for winter is an important step in boat ownership. Not winterizing your boat can lead to serious consequences. For the boat owners who are not able to continue sailing during the winter months, this blog outlines processes on how to winterize your sailboats engine, fuel systems, water systems, head, sails, and batteries.

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Measuring for New Sails: Headsail With the Mast Down

In this blog we walk you through the process of measuring your headsail when your mast is down. Clients tell us all the time that they can’t get their measurements to us because their sailboat’s rigs are taken apart. This blog and video show you how to get the measurements for a new headsail without having your boat put together, or if it is being stored for winter. The process is made easier with a buddy so try to have one around and call us anytime, we’re here to help

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Harvest Moon Regatta Victory

What started out as a fast sleigh ride down the coast from Galveston to Port Arkansas, Texas in 15-20kts winds finished with a norther blowing 35-42kts and 10-12ft seas. A blown mainsail tells the tale; this mainsail had been ridden hard over the years and has now been replaced with a new main from Precision Sails. Join Paul as he reflects on taking home 1st place in their division, 1st place in the Jeanneau fleet, and 5th overall fleet on corrected time and how his new Genoa from Precision Sails greatly contributed to his team’s winning performance!

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Get Your Sailboat Ready For Spring – Checklist And Infographic

Is your sailboat ready for spring? The sailing season is almost here, but with all the joy that comes with sailing comes the monotonous task of preparing the boat for the season. Unwrapping the boat, cleaning the hull, checking the rigging… There is so much to do, and for most casual cruisers, not much time. The list and infographic below are great guides preparing for the spring sailing season. Here is a quick Spring Sailing Checklist and helpful infographic to help cut through the grime and get you back out on the water.

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