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Factors when Choosing a Headsail LP %

Choosing the right headsail LP (Luff-Perpendicular) depends on several things. When, where, and why you are sailing, as well as your rig set-up and limitations. The most versatile LP% is 135%. Your sailing destination and conditions and rig type help decide what size of headsail LP to choose. The type of sailing, racing, or cruising sailing, also factors in when choosing a headsail LP percentage. Give Precision Sails a call and we can help you out!

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Laminate Sails? Worth the upgrade?

Are laminate sails worth upgrading to from regular Dacron sails? Yes, in some cases, in others, no. The main difference between a Dacron and a laminate sail is in the shape of your sails when you tack and how this impacts on the performance of the maneuver. The price point also has to feel right for you. If there is a large difference in price between Dacron and laminate sails, then a set of high-quality Dacron sails are still going to satisfy your needs for the long term. It all depends on what you are trying to get out of your boat and which sails you will need to accomplish those goals.

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Rig Specification Diagram For Sailboats: Mainsail & Headsail

Learn how Precision Sails defines their Rig Spec measurements and Dimensions. This blog will help you to understand how Precision Sails labels sailboat rig specifications. If you need a replacement or new mainsail and /or headsail you will need to measure your sailboat’s rigging, sails, and rigs. One thing we tell sailors here at Precision Sails is “the effort you put into measuring really does translate into the quality of sail you get.” If quality measurements are given to designers, it allows them to create an excellent performing sail.

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Measuring for New Sails: Headsail With the Mast Down

In this blog we walk you through the process of measuring your headsail when your mast is down. Clients tell us all the time that they can’t get their measurements to us because their sailboat’s rigs are taken apart. This blog and video show you how to get the measurements for a new headsail without having your boat put together, or if it is being stored for winter. The process is made easier with a buddy so try to have one around and call us anytime, we’re here to help

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Offshore Reinforcements On Different Dacron Sails. Ask Precision Sails.

Should you put an offshore reinforcement package on the lower quality Dacrons or is that something that you just put on the better quality sail cloth? When it comes to the quality of Dacron sails, the better the quality, like the 400 and 500 series we offer, the longer they’re going to hold their sail shape and the more resistance they will have to UV damage from the sun. This level of Dacron sails will last you longer. The offshore package we offer has double tapes along the leech, luff, and foot. Wider seams, leech seam wedgies, reef reinforcement belts, and upgraded hardware.

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Harvest Moon Regatta Victory

What started out as a fast sleigh ride down the coast from Galveston to Port Arkansas, Texas in 15-20kts winds finished with a norther blowing 35-42kts and 10-12ft seas. A blown mainsail tells the tale; this mainsail had been ridden hard over the years and has now been replaced with a new main from Precision Sails. Join Paul as he reflects on taking home 1st place in their division, 1st place in the Jeanneau fleet, and 5th overall fleet on corrected time and how his new Genoa from Precision Sails greatly contributed to his team’s winning performance!

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How To Read Your Quote From Precision Sails

Whether you already requested a quote or are curious as to the layout and information found on our quotes this article is for you. Ron McInnis, Director of Sales & Marketing, breaks down the various pages of your quote and explains where to find helpful resources for sailors interested in learning a bit more about sails, sail options, and sailcloth. Feel free to contact us or book an appointment for a consultation at your convenience.It is our goal to help you make the best buying decision possible.

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Checking Sails At Home

With the sailing season almost upon those of us living in the northern hemisphere, now is the time to inspect our sails so we can be confident they will survive another season of abuse. Unfortunately, this is not one of the more glamorous or exciting parts of sailing, and for some, it can fall by the wayside until it is too late. However, if you do not mind filling your living room with Dacron for an afternoon, we will show you how to inspect your sails from the comfort of your own couch!

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