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Offshore Reinforcements On Sail Cloth!

Welcome back to Ask Precision Sails! Arthur asked a really good question after receiving our quote. He noticed that we have different levels of Dacron sails with different levels of qualities. He asked “Should we put an offshore reinforcement package on the lower quality Dacrons or is that something that you just put on the better quality sail cloth?”

Well, it’s completely up to the sailor. When it comes to the quality of Dacron sails, the better the quality (like the 400 and 500 series we offer) the longer they’re going to hold sail shape and the more resistance they have to UV damage from the sun. This level of Dacron sails will last you longer. Click here to see all the sail cloth we offer!

Making the choice to reinforce a sail with our offshore reinforcement package is more about the wind conditions you’re going to be in. Offshore sailors often find themselves in a position where they’re in 20 to 40 knots of wind and can’t get out of it. This is where an offshore package will shine. You won’t have to worry about the sail bursting at the seams. The package we offer has double tapes along the leech, luff, and foot. Wider seams, leech seam wedgies, reef reinforcement belts, and upgraded hardware. Watch the video below to see these features in more detail!

So, if you’re if you’ve got a smaller boat and you like to push the limits, let’s say, in the great lakes where you can get into 30 or 40 knots of wind and you plan keeping the boat up to five or six more years then the lower quality Dacron sails are absolutely fine for those applications and yes reinforcing them for heavier wind conditions makes a ton of sense!

If you’re interested in getting a sail with an offshore package for yourself, request a quote!

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