Sailing 2000 Nautical Miles in the Sea of Cortez and the Bahamas


Francois Hebert

S.V. Trioomph

Corsair F27 R Trimaran

Francois Hebert works as the General Manager and head coach at the Whistler Sailing School. He recently went through the process of ordering sails from Precision Sails for his Corsair F27 R trimaran, “Trioomph”.

Trioomph’s mainsail and furling jib were made using Warp Drive sailcloth from our Precision Tri-Radial Series. The mainsail features 2 reefs, 8 full battens, hand sewn leather corners, spectra webbing, and custom grey patching on both sides of the sail. The Furling Jib features grey Sunbrella UV protection, chafe protection, custom patching to match the mainsail, and spectra webbing. Both sails have been reinforced with our Blue-water package.

 trioomph with sails

After the sail was designed and delivered, Francois and Jill spent five months sailing in the Sea of Cortez and the Bahamas. All in all they sailed just over 2000 nautical miles and have been “very impressed with the quality, durability, and solid feel of the sails”.

trioomph with sails

“Good service, the design process was great. They were able to make a custom color for our sails. ( Jib and Main)  The durability of the sails has been very good after 2000 miles + of sailing in the Sea of Cortez and the Bahamas.”


Photo credit to Jill Wynott for capturing these amazing photos of Trioomph

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