Catalina Sailboats: From an icon to a modern cruising classic

Founded in 1970, Catalina sailboats have been the measuring stick for yachts for more than 45 years. Created in Southern California by Frank Butler, the Catalina brand has gone from strength to strength every year.

Butler started his boat company when he began working on his very own sailboat. The original builder was unable to finish the job Butler hired him to complete. Butler finished off his sailboat thus birthing Catalina Yachts right then and there.

Since that remarkable moment when Butler began producing world-class boats on a whim, Catalina sailboats have been sold all over the world.

Today, Butler is in his 80s but is still as active as ever in his yacht business. He has designed a variety of gorgeous race and cruising sailboats, and many of the vessels still sold by Catalina Yachts.

Although Catalina sailboats were originally developed in California, the company’s manufacturing base has been based in Florida for more than a decade. The company sells most of its models to buyers in the east and southeastern parts of the United States, therefore making the move to Florida was a natural way to continue the company’s growth.

Catalina has designed and built a number of models over the years, and many of them are still being created today. Of course, there are a handful of those Catalina sailboats that have been discontinued, but many of the yachts Butler and company designed are still being sold.

The Catalina 22 is the company’s oldest and longest-running design. The 22 is considered one of the greatest yachts ever made thanks to its dynamic build. The original version of the 22 was produced between 1969 and 1985, with 13,000 being built during that 16-year period. At one time, the company built and released five Catalina 22 sailboats per day. The 22 is an icon of yachting and continues to be one of the top sailboats on the market. Although the original Catalina 22 is no longer in production, the company continues to produce the 22 Sport and Capri 22.

The Catalina 425 is one of the company’s modern sailboats that has created a new aura for the brand. This Catalina offering has all of the details yachting fans have come to love from the company. The 425 features a functionally spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior and numerous tweaks Catalina used to overhaul their sailboats in recent years. While the 22 is the classic, standard-bearer when it comes to Catalina sailboats, the 425 is the future of the company. The yacht has won numerous awards since its release and in 2017 it was named the Cruising World Boat of the Year.

Catalina Sailboats are the perfect yachts no matter if you are a first-time buyer or you are purchasing a new boat for your collection. Beautiful, easy to use and luxurious, the yachts created by Catalina are timeless.

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