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This is the second generation of the Catalina 34. While they are very similar, there are some key differences. The MKI has a closed transom, while the MKII has an open one. The MKII also has a larger cockpit.

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All About Your Catalina 34 MKII

Rig Specifications

These are the specifications provided by the designers, but even from the factory, these boats may not be identical. The reason for this is that the sail industry often contracts manufacturing to different sources in order to achieve economies of scale. What this means is – your Catalina 34 MKII may be more unique than you initially thought.

It’s important to note that boats are also frequently customized, so if you suspect that work has been done on yours, it’s best to take your own measurements. When ordering a sail, we will advise you if using the manufacturer’s specifications is appropriate, or if we require you to complete our own measurement forms.

I: 44.00 ft / 13.41 m
J: 13.50 ft / 4.11 m
P: 38.50 ft / 11.73 m
E: 12.00 ft / 3.66 m
Catalina 34 Tall Mast Specifications


When it comes to performance, the Catalina 34 MKII stands out as a sailboat that excels in a wide variety of conditions. One of its standout features is its responsive steering and handling characteristics. The balanced rudder design provides excellent control, ensuring the boat responds to your actions quickly. In addition to its incredible sailing capabilities, the Catalina 34 MKII is also equipped with a Universal diesel engine which provides about 21 horsepower. This combination of sail and engine power gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can rely on the Catalina 34 MKII’s performance in various situations.


The Catalina 34 MKII is a sailboat that not only provides exceptional performance, but a classic and traditional design that is reminiscent of older sailboats. This sailboat offers lots of storage in the interior, as well as a cozy saloon and galley. Also featured in the interior is beautiful woodwork and high-quality upholstery. Above the water, you’ll find an unobstructed foredeck with lots of space to drop or raise the anchor and perform maintenance. Down the sides you’ll find a wide walkway for crew and guests to walk comfortably. Finally, at the helm you’ll find the primary winches and cleats, which allows the skipper to control the sails without having to leave the cockpit.


Catalina Yachts is a well-known name in the sailing world, known for their quality and attention to detail. Established in 1969, they’ve had decades to perfect their craftsmanship. In 1996, they released the Catalina 34 MKII with a deck-stepped rig and a redesigned hull. Aside from filling the gap, their goal was to create a sailboat that would strike the perfect balance between performance, comfort and timeless design, and they did just that. This is a sailboat that found great success in both cruising and competitive racing, which gained it a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciated its capabilities. Over the years, the Catalina 34 underwent a series of refinements and enhancements, reflecting Catalina’s commitment to continuous improvement. The feedback from sailors and advances in technology shaped the evolution of the boat, resulting in a vessel that embraced modern design elements while preserving its timeless appeal.


Sail Plan

The sail plan for the Catalina 34 MKII is designed to optimize responsiveness and versatility during all different wind conditions. The sail area is calculated to give you the perfect balance of power and control. The mainsail, which usually had full battens, is shaped to effectively generate forward thrust. The furling genoa or job aids the mainsail and provides additional power and assists with upwind performance. The furling system for the headsail , often equipped with a drum and continuous line furler, allows for easy deployment and retraction of the headsail, which is especially convenient when keeping up with the changing wind conditions. All in all, this is a sailboat that is designed to excel in both upwind and downwind conditions.


The Catalina 34 MKII is a well-designed vessel that combines performance and handling capabilities with style and luxury. It offers a safe deck layout, a spacious interior and a sail plan that optimizes performance in all different wind conditions. The quality craftsmanship and construction reflects Catalina’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. Whether you are a novice or veteran, you are sure to find something for you with the Catalina 34 MKII .

Recommended Sails For Your Catalina 34 MKII

We would love to help you enhance your sailing experience on your Catalina 34 MKII. That’s why we have put together a list of expertly curated sail recommendations just for you. You can find more information about each sail and what makes our sails stand out by following the links to our education page.



I (Foretriangle height)

44.00 ft / 13.41 m

J (Foretriangle base)

13.50 ft / 4.11 m

P (Mainsail luff)

38.50 ft / 11.73 m

E (Mainsail foot)

11.75 ft / 3.58 m

Want to Take Your Catalina 34 MKII to the Next Level of Performance?

Then, it’s time to consider the sails you’re using. That’s why we offer custom-fit sails designed to optimize the performance of your Catalina 34 MKII. Our team of experts takes pride in using only the best materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our sails are of the highest quality.


Custom Fit

With our custom-fit sails, you can expect maximum speed, power, and maneuverability on the water. A true game changer – a paired combination of head sails and mainsails. When two sails are designed in tandem we can optimize their performance to work together. The best part? We keep your measurements and designs on file, so you can develop your sail inventory over time, we’ll always be ready to pick up where we left off in your sail customization journey.


Reliability and Durability

Our sails don’t just improve your boat’s performance – they also provide you with peace of mind during your extended sailing journeys. Our sails are not like off-the-shelf options that have a short lifespan. Instead, we can tailor the design of the sails to withstand the specific demands of your boat, ensuring their durability and reliability.


Providing Unparalleled Service

And, we’re not just about high-quality sails. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. From helping you take accurate measurements to delivering your custom sails, we’re here to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience.

Trust us to exceed your expectations and take your sailing experience to the next level.

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