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Wind Specifications For Cruising Asymmetrical Spinnakers

The question of what the wind specifications for cruising asymmetrical spinnakers is a tough question. There are many different types of spinnakers, each designed to perform best in different kinds of wind. The most versatile of these is the code 2 asymmetrical spinnaker (A2), an all purpose / medium running sail. Each series of spinnaker has its different uses and when choosing a new sail there are numerous components that should be factored into the decision making process. When you team up with Precision Sails you get to work with one of our sail designers to tailor fit your spinnaker to exactly what you’re looking for.

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Sail Graphics, Colored Dacron and Color Customizations

There are countless options for customizing your sail. You can use colored Dacron, Spinnaker cloth, colored features, or even custom sail graphics. One of the most exciting parts of ordering a sail is the customization. It is your opportunity to emblazon your team logo, a symbol that represents your family, a play on your boat’s name, your boat’s insignia, or to match your Dodger or Bimini to your sail. Precision Sails uses a variety of different techniques to customize a sail, read more to learn about the different options available. If you are interested in getting a new sail with graphics on it, call us! Our design team is ready and waiting to help bring your vision to life.

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How To Measure For A New Spinnaker

Matt and Jessica from MJ Sailing are going to dive into the Precision Sails Spinnaker Measurement form and show you how easy it is to measure for a new spinnaker by taking measurements for their boat, Elements of Life, a 1983 Trisalu. Watch as they go through the process of completing the spinnaker measurement form, you can find your form on our website.

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How To Read Your Quote From Precision Sails

Whether you already requested a quote or are curious as to the layout and information found on our quotes this article is for you. Ron McInnis, Director of Sales & Marketing, breaks down the various pages of your quote and explains where to find helpful resources for sailors interested in learning a bit more about sails, sail options, and sailcloth. Feel free to contact us or book an appointment for a consultation at your convenience.It is our goal to help you make the best buying decision possible.

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Checking Sails At Home

With the sailing season almost upon those of us living in the northern hemisphere, now is the time to inspect our sails so we can be confident they will survive another season of abuse. Unfortunately, this is not one of the more glamorous or exciting parts of sailing, and for some, it can fall by the wayside until it is too late. However, if you do not mind filling your living room with Dacron for an afternoon, we will show you how to inspect your sails from the comfort of your own couch!

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Removing Mildew, Rust and Dirt from your Sails!

Have you ever taken your sails out of storage or unfurled them and discovered the dreaded black blotches of mildew have made their unfortunate appearance? The regrettable truth is mildew, rust stains, and dirt are common occurrences on sails. If you have noticed your sails becoming dirtier after pulling them out of storage or unfurling them this guide is aimed at helping reduce and remove mildew, rust, and other markings on your sail. Discover how to get your sails back to their peak appearance and prevent mildew from growing.

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All About Spinnakers

Spinnaker sails are known to be the most colourful and exciting sail in a sailor’s toolbox. While each spinnaker serves the same purpose, are they all created equal? In this blog we discuss the differences between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnakers and how their shape is not the only difference. We provide an in depth look at the variations between standard sizes, code zeros, and the different options for each type of sail. Discover which is best for your sailboat.

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Maintaining Your Sails and Increasing Their Lifespan

There is an old saying that B.O.A.T. is an acronym for “bring on another thousand”. Unfortunately there is some truth in this as sailboats require continuous maintenance and upgrades. This includes the eventual challenge of deciding between having to be content with your old, worn out sails or replacing them with new sails. Whether your sails are old and ragged or new and bright, here are a few things you can do in order to prolong the lifespan of your sails and maximize their performance.

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